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Car Accident - Disability Counter Surveillance

24/7 Surveillance Is Not Uncommon
Each morning we generally take for granted our daily routines.  Expecting our lives will follow their typical paths, we forget that each day is indeed a new one and does not necessarily lead in the direction of our expectations.

Our minds are concentrating on the issues we feel are important to address. It's only when something interrupts our way of life, do we spend time in reflection. A car accident is such an event that creates this review. You are faced with making decisions about your health, finances, family, and previous commitments. It can be a time you become overwhelmed with problems. By preparing for hardship in advance, movement through this difficult time may provide more peace and comfort.
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Do you know what to say and do in case you are involved in a motor vehicle accident at the scene? Note anything you say will become a part of documentation. Take pictures of the person and the damage to your car and theirs.  If you are injured make sure to call an ambulance, and stay in your car if possible. If you have a passenger in your car, make sure they are aware of your state laws.  Your passenger will be covered by your insurance policy if you have one, otherwise they will be covered under their personal injury (PIP).  With no coverage, it becomes a difficult plight for either of you.   Medical expenses with have to paid immediately or through a lien. 

At the scene of the accident, are police on site to fill out the required collision report, or will you have to do it? Try and write things out for yourself as soon as possible. You don't want to forget anything.   Insurance companies, both yours and theirs, will be asking for your testimony as to what happened, regardless of whether there is a police report by an officer.  When contacting your insurance company, should you allow them to record a statement, or request them take notes instead? I personally prefer a written statement versus a recorded one. You don't want your words twisted and used against you just because you are doing a walk though with the  insurance questionnaire guillotine. Note that your own insurance company can quickly turn against you in order to protect their bottom line, so deal with them as you would anyone else. They don't necessarily have your best interest at heart.
Allow Extra Time For Stops And To Do Lists

What exactly should you be saying to your own insurance company? Just the facts. This is one reason to have an personal injury lawyer on hand. It's easy to be trapped, when you are not familiar with the game. What football player would go out on the field without his gear, expecting to be protected? I suspect none.   Make sure you have the protection you need to be treated fairly and respected. No longer in America, is the motto, "Do the right thing, because it's the right thing to do".  Leading by example for many corporation has gone by the wayside.

Select a personal injury attorney in advance.   They typically become  more supportive through the process when they had an opportunity to know you in advance.

A car accident can be a very difficult process to endure. We must begin to think about how our current laws and regulations allow individuals to be treated.  Instead of allowing us to be picked off one by one, we must seek fair and honest dealings in these difficult and painful situations. If we continue to struggle as individuals, we will be picked off an unripened fruit due to a lack of knowledge, and discarded as manure, then placed in the pile of individuals who got  screwed.

The march on Wall Street, means we are tired of being used and abused. It's time for us to stand together so when injured in a car accident, insurance companies are required to treat us with respect and dignity. 

You can help this process by becoming prepared in case you are unfortunate to find yourself in an accident.  Maybe we should consider a march on insurance companies after Wall Street?  Let me know what you think? 

Take care of yourself. Also, pick up a copy of my book to keep in your vehicle, "Car Accident: Personal Injury Wisdom, Knowledge, & Support" by ESTRA.  Review checklist to help document the scene of a collision.  They also make great gifts.

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