Thursday, September 29, 2011

Disability Counter Surveillance - The Dirty Deeds To Watch Out For

Be alert. Be aware. Become knowledgeable of their tactics. Do you know how to spot surveillance following you?  Or when they are listening in on your calls?  Have some of the places you frequently go to been recruited to help them on their quest to spy and harass you? What about highway tactics to distract and harass in hopes of causing an accident? How will they try to discredit you, and what can you do about it?  Do they harass and intimate your doctors or others assisting you?  These are just some of the basic questions to ask yourself.

The best way to detect some of this behavior, is to pay attention to what they are doing to you. How are they doing it? What emotions are they trying to evoke and why? Do they have access to your personal information? (You can count on this one.)  Evaluate who would help them do this to you and what resources  they have to orchestrate this harassment?

Next consider what can you do to protect yourself? And when they have gone to far, what are you going to do? How will you let your government leaders of your city/town and state know about this activity? Will you go out and vote for candidates that not only talk but bring action to change our laws to respect disabled citizens? I know this is a lot to think about when not feeling well. But if not now, when? How many people need to go through this? Sometimes at your weakest moments, one has to stand. Otherwise others may see you as prey, and seek to devour anything accessible. So stand tall. Develop a strategy that works in your best interest and fight back. When we unite, we can change it for everyone.

To get you started, review the attached links.  Although there is nothing better than a good attorney to keep theses people at bay, information is power.  This is only a beginning.  Our needs vary, so seek out the type of asssistance that provides you with protection.


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Some of the tactics they use:

How is your insurance company treating you?

A little Information on ERISA:

General information that may give you some ideas:

The objective of these links are to get you thinking.  Did it work?

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