Saturday, October 15, 2011

Disability Counter Surveillance And Stress

Harassers Frequently Arrive Earlier And Take Closest Parking Making It More Difficult For You.
Disability Counter Surveillance and Stress can significantly impact your health.  Their actions can become so distracting, sight of the most important thing can be lost, YOU!  If angry, surveillance gets more of your energy than they deserve.  If overwhelmed, task that help you get through everyday life may suffer.  If  depressed, becoming hopeless limits the available alternatives that could get you through problems.  Choose to stay focus on YOU!  Chances are your disability takes more time and energy than desired.  But in order to improve both physical and mental health, continue to do the things that will improve them both.  Read up on new research; Get involved in online or in-person support groups; Surf the net looking for articles that relate specifically to what interest you and provide personal improvements.
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If you're documenting the people harassing you day and night, that's enough.  Don't give them anymore of your time.  They are not worth it.  That's what they want.  Don't give them your undivided attention.  YOU! need that attention to get better.  Instead, think about where you want to go from here?  What do you want to do with the rest of your life?  What will give your life purpose?  What will bring you joy?  What parts of you do you want to share with others?

YOU!  only have one life.  Really, only one.  And when its all said and done, the captain of the YOU! ship is responsible for its path.  So choose to navigate to the best of your abilities.  Not by seeking perfection, but by enjoying the ride, and placing as much of your personal dreams in it as possible.

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