Sunday, September 18, 2011

Disability Counter Surveillance - Teams Following You

Seattle (ESTRA) - No, you are not trippin'. No, you are not crazy. No, you will not be defeated, just keep your wits. How many sane people had they hope would loose their mind? It would be very helpful to their cause.  Two years and they can drop you from the disability roles and all because they achieved the goal to drive you crazy. Hey, don't go out that way.

Don't expect individuals to comprehend your daily struggles if they have not experience it. Most of them cannot understand who could afford to follow you for a month straight, none-the-less years.  Who is hating on you that much? Someone who has the power to call the shots and bucks to back it up. But even with those things, they have no control over your thoughts and choices. You are free.

Reject their way of disrespecting you. Don't let them engage you.   Instead, raise a little hell of your own.  All over the world, people are standing up for their rights. I challenge you to do the same in one of the freest countries in the world...slipping...but still one.

Now onto the subject at hand. Typically, each surveillance team has a group of ten people. However, they can group them as they see fit.  And, they can have a different number of teams following you varying by day, a holiday, a weekend, etc. They hire young to old, black to white, abled to disabled, intelligent to dumb. It depends on what they need to hook you.

Surveillance employees could perform this work full or part-time.  Don't expect them to tell you this is the work they do.  And do not be surprised what their other professions might be.  In this situation, do not trust anyone until they have given you reason to.  Remember one of their agendas is to make you look foolish so you will back down.  Follow your heart, and continue on your path.

As mentioned before, they will go to any lengths for you to cave in.  Choose to stand your ground.  And, perhaps one day we shall all stand together and make them accountable.  We can do this.  Don't you think we've had enough?

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