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Disability Counter Surveillance - Disability And Your Finances

Disability Counter Surveillance - Disability And Your Finances

ESTRA (Seattle) - What happens when your weekly paycheck dries up and you find yourself disabled? Do you have money set aside for your rainy day?   If the answer is no, are you screwed? Maybe.

Harassment Stress Can Lead To Poor Judgement. Caution.
If you have a retirement account, this maybe a good time to request emergency relief before your last paycheck. You may consider an retirement account with an after taxes option, rather than getting hit with significant  fees when money is needed the most.  When thinking of your future, what's best for you may not be the status quo.  And, contracts change from year to year, so read them carefully. Taking the maximum amount available may reduce you chances of suffering later due to another unexpected expense.

Ok no retirement account either? What about an Personal Injury Protection on your auto insurance policy? Is there coverage for lost wages and medical expenses?  If so, what kind of reputation does your insurance company have for treating its insureds?  If poor, you may want to consider finding another that respects the clients as much as they respect the money, before you need help. Chances are you will be required to reimburse them if a settlement is involved.  If they have been fair to you in the beginning and middle, they should end the same. Yet, read your policy first to know what you're getting into.

Sorry, no personal injury protection? Does your company have a short and long term disability policy that you are eligible for? Read your policy carefully. And, seek the advice of a disability attorney so you don't run into trouble down the road. Consider applying for social security disability at the same time. It will help to navigate you to a position that is in your best interest.
Options pretty low? Each state has programs to assist its citizens to overcome hardships. This usually includes some help at the federal level. Apply for all that you are eligible for. Look for these services under state government.

On your own? Try using online sites to sell items you no longer need or want, garage sales, consignments, or sell second car.  Make a plan to keep you a float.  Talk with others on how they are staying ahead, and find food bank locations, clothing, whatever it takes to survive. Consider talking with a CPA for assistance on making a financial strategy. Seek ways to barter your skills with a group where everyone can help each other.

Whatever you do, don't give up. Keep looking until you find help. Don't be ashamed. Be proud that you are trying to overcome your obstacles. As Aretha Franklin says in one of her songs, "You can always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need". 

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