Sunday, August 21, 2011

Help For Your Physicians - Disability Counter Surveillance

Don't Be Surprise To See Harassers In The Doctor's Office Or Being Treated  By Your Physician

ESTRA (Seattle) - Building a relationship with a physician today takes time and commitment.  Unfortunately, the days of Dr. Welby, M.D. care and free range to treat their patients as he sees fit are gone. Many doctors spend a portion of their days dealing with insurance companies just to get their patients the care that they need.
Now add to the doctors day insurance surveillance being shown to them in attempt to "throw you under the bus", and you can understand why most doctors would prefer not to treat disabled patients.

Spend time getting to know your physician while you are in good health. Today, doctors also have to put their credibility on the line for their patients, due to insurance companies having the upper hand in decision making. By knowing their patients condition prior to a traumatic event, they can better help in your recovery.

Be advised surveillance companies working for insurance will go to any extremes "to create" any thing that helps their client, so a video cam catching them attempting a "dirty deed" can go a long way in demonstrating their behaviors. 

No matter what happens, stay true to yourself.  They can't take that from you.

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