Friday, August 19, 2011

Disability Coverage From Employer Under ERISA - Disability Counter Surveillance

Don't Count On Benefits Continuing Under ERISA Or That You Will Not Be Followed
ESTRA (Seattle) - If you are expecting your long-term disability insurance to provide a safety net in case you are injured, you may want rethink it.  Most policies will replace approximately 60% of your income.  This amount will be reduced even further if your policy requires you to apply for social security disability, and upon approval, further reduces their responsibility.

Swapping out the group plan for an individual disability policy may provide a better safety net. Review lost wages on your auto policy to see if opening up a claim would provide an income you can live on.  Review all your options before making a decision.  It's difficult to concentrate on improving ones health, if financial worries are constantly overwhelming you. 

Furthermore, you may end up having to pay for heath insurance for a while.  And, that's usually through Cobra, which most people find  difficult to pay.  So waiting until you need disability may cost more than you can afford, which can lead to making less than optimal choices.  Be sure to read your disability insurance policy before you need it.   Also, don't expect insurance companies to look out for your interest.  Always be your best advocate, and maybe add an attorney to your team.

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