Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Disability Counter Surveillance Freedom

Pay Close Attention To Your Surroundings

ESTRA (Seattle) - It can be a very scary realization that you are being followed. Usually one of the first question that comes to mind is, why me? Why are they doing this to individuals who have legitimate claims? This seems unfair when you're still learning to cope with an injury or sickness. Everywhere you go, your being intimated and harassed for days, or weeks, or months, or years?  This sounds like a story made for HBO.

And, typically, it's a rude awakening to find out you're under surveillance. They tend to park right in front of your home, as if to say, "hey stupid, can't you see that we're following you! "

Some feel they have crossed the line, and contact the police. If lucky, they will at least acknowledge your under surveillance, bringing relief that you have not "buckled" under the pressure.  If unlucky, they will tell you the private investigator is under the direction of an insurance carrier and/or employer, and, have the right to torture you, due to messing up their bottom line, and you authorized this treatment somewhere in the fine print of a contract signed to keep your job.
Keep Your Wits When Dealing With Harassment

You're trying to juggle everything that is happening to you, like  make the right decisions regarding your health, in conjunction with  staying afloat financially.  Are they trying to bring you to a breaking or boiling point, so you will do something stupid? What a mighty tasty morsel that would be sometimes. But common sense protects you on the bad days and determination to be victorious on the good ones.

Freedom comes when you do your best each day to get better, to keep surveillance people at arm's length, and refuse to give up when the chips are down. Never let them discourage you.

Remember, this happen to you, and was beyond your control.  But now that you are disabled, work to keep what you have, and to take back what you've lost.  

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