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Being Happy Through Holidays

Peace, joy, love, and comfort is found by being you.

Seattle (ESTRA) - Is it possible to be happy through the holidays? Or is there far too many things life holds from the past or current issues to make being happy a viable option?

Happiness through Holidays means taking time to think on things which are unpleasant.  Understanding ourselves and how we interact with problems provides insight on choosing how we shall interact in these situations.  Whether ignored unresolved issues or allowing others to push our buttons.  What do I say to them? Take action which is in your best interest to remain calm and peaceful. This includes Insurer or Disability Surveillance which often targets Insured during the Holiday Season.

Sound strange to you? Insurer Harassers try hard to bring Insured down at weakest times.  However, my challenge to you is being stronger when toughest times come your way.  In fact, I believe internal determination and perseverance gets you through troubles unforeseen or right before your eyes.

Lets go through this one by one:

Happiness through the holidays means having a good perspective.  At the beginning of season make choice to celebrate each event attending.  A good idea is spending first couple weeks prior to socializing recognizing what buttons self, family, friends, and co-workers like to push in order to place you in a zone which creates unhappiness or brings up traumatic memories.

A.  Wounds can heal or be placed in what I like to call the Recovery Room.  In order to do this, we must be willing to take a good look at what is troubling, what it’s about, why it’s festering, and what can be done about this issue.  The death of anyone special often times causes grief.  When I think on grief, I believe this is about missing love one cared about who is gone.  Often time this grief can take years to dissipate into comforting memories in ways that brings a  smile. 

Frankly, this type of wound often is placed in the Recovery Room.  Why? A layered approach to healing process occurs.  This is a touchy topic and doesn’t take much to bring out the pain.  Therefore, decide what will said about lost love one before asked.  For example, someone may say, “How is so and so?” It’s ok to say something like, I really miss them since they are gone, but I’m doing my best to keep moving forward, so maybe in a few years I will be ready to talk about this, do you mind if we talk about another subject?  Most people understand about a sensitive subject.  Yet, bullies or mean spirited people will continue to bring up the topic until they can get a rise out of you. 

When dealing with these types of people, move somewhere else, repeat that you do not wish to talk about it, until they stop, or remind them of their own wounded spots if persist, and then move on. 

Sometimes it’s hard to get away from people who are jealous, hurting themselves and want to take it out on someone whom they think will take their bad behaviors.  The key to remember is that you are free. Whether regardless of age being abused by others is not acceptable.  Therefore, be empowered to stand up for yourself against abuse, especially Insurer Abuses. You deserve to be happy through the holidays even while dealing with things that are currently wounding or in the past. 

Does this mean you can easily forget trauma, such as a car collision? Absolutely not.  What it means is that you can be measured in responses to self and other people.  Hope can still be a part of life during suffering.  And you can choose to expose as much of yourself as desired during the holiday season.

What can peace, comfort, and joy at holidays bring you? Often a smile, occasionally laughter, or pleasant memory. We are often amazed by telling a story about something that makes you and others remember happy times.

The joy of the holiday season doesn’t mean forgetting what is happening in life, it means being grateful for still being here on earth with a purpose to continue on, regardless of the obstacles which are coming your way.  There is peace and hope. There are people around you who wish to be supportive and caring when facing hard times. 

B.    Write a list of the top 10 questions you wished no one would ask you and decide before any Holiday Event how to respond to them.  When anyone asked these questions, prep work will have already been done.  Remember you always have a choice just to say, none of your business! And proceed to another topic. 

By the way, it always good to have 5 topics to discuss with anyone, anywhere, that are general and light hearted.  My favorites are recent movies, plays, concerts, television shows such as Scandal.  This will allow a connection on general topics and not too personal.

Laughter lifts human spirits.  Use the holidays to be happy.  Not in a fraudulent way, but sincere.  It will encourage those around you, provide something new to talk about next year with a happy reunion if the Lord says the same. 

Often we take this world for granted, thinking every day will be the same, but sometimes this is not true.  Therefore, take the time to appreciate being on earth while here, have goodwill towards men and women that improves the journey for all of us.

If you have recently been involved in a car wreck, remember to take it easy, share in the work and don’t try to do everything while recovering. 

-         ESTRA Seattle

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