Thursday, November 30, 2017

Why so many angry People?

When life takes a wrong turn anger often follows.

Seattle (ESTRA) - Each and every day on the news we hear people being hurt.  We also see car collisions on freeway and public streets.  Yet this is typically where things ends.  We don’t hear much about the suffering that goes along with the trauma.

What goes along with this pain and suffering? Anger.  Often people display anger from broken promises and shattered dreams.  The loss of support promised by Insurance Companies, Employer ERISA Benefits, Social Security denials and surveillance, and police who are here to protect and serve siding with those who are actually hurting citizens instead of helping.

Why are there so many angry people? It’s due to those who should be doing the right things by them, doing the wrong things for profit and greed, leaving many people homeless, hungry, and without the medical care and concern needed to improve their lives.  Their families go without and also experience a quality of life that provides downward mobility instead of up.  

How angry would you be when these things happen to you?

1.    Why are there so many angry people today? Disappointment in those people we once believed in. Auto Insurance Companies, Employers, Social Security Disability, Law Enforcement.

2.   Where has resentment come from? Protections are longer there.  The average person use to be able to believe in what they are told. That most people’s word was their bond, especially corporations worked for, but as companies felt no obligations for their employees, this bond has evaporated, and it’s become every person for themselves.

3.   What can you do about your anger?  Recognize that anger disrupts your way of thinking. When this happens the best tools that you have are blocked.  Remaining calm and focused is one of the best things you can do, and come up with a plan that is in your best interest. Never give up on yourself.  Often times we have no control on what others do when they make decisions whether to do what was promised. Let them know you realize how they have treated you and it’s wrong. Continue to do the best you can under current circumstances.

4.   Concentrate on how you can make your life better in spite of facing harassment, intimidation, bullying, disability, abuses, loss of financial status, and the way in which you hold on to dreams.  Dreams change, or can remain same, only developed in different ways.  As long as you do not give up or in to struggles, you can and will find a path which makes you whole again, regardless of whether Insurers do the wrong things regarding your claims. 

5.   Let the anger go. Yet keep your dreams alive. It matters. You matter. The key is to remember, you will always be your best advocate. Believe this. Then decide to use the energy from the abuse suffered and turn it into something so special, life turns out to be awesome; you couldn’t have imagined it without the struggles which will get you there!

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