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Social Security Disability Surveillance I

What is one of the best hidden secrets of Social Security Disability Surveillance?  Who works with them? What are their tactics?  How will you be impacted today?

Social Security Disability Program was initially designed to help low and middle income individuals from having to live out a life in dire poverty after some calamity.  This program was fought against by the Republican Party for years.  But just as the Affordable Care Act after decades of their blockage, the needs of most of the American People beat out the needs and desires of Wall Street.

And what happened once Social Security Disability was approved?  The lives of people injured in car accidents who became disabled lifestyles did drop from originals levels to poverty levels as is today, but not completely hopeless. 

Once citizens saw the value of the Social Security Administration Programs, those opposing it realize the citizens became a force to reckon with, and today the strategy to get rid of these Social Security Programs tend not to be straight forward but back door tactics that do tend to hurt those recipients who depend on them for a better quality of life.

Because some Republicans and a few Democrats would prefer to see the demise of these programs, actions today continue that cut benefits, harass, and intimidate those participating, and yes, this is another long list.  

Republican House Representative Sam Graves of Missouri has Bill H.R. 3482 which has a mission to cut disabled off Social Security Disability (SSDI) through surveillance.  The bill authorizes over 54 units within Inner Cities to investigate those on SSDI and SSI.  One thing I didn’t notice in this bill is cost of these new 54 surveillance units and current contracts to private companies designing these buildings.
Wall Street has long wanted to privatize Social Security Income to their benefit and recipient's demise.  Will this be another apocalypse attempt of Social Security Disability? Only if those served by programs don’t get involved in process.  By keeping alert on the actions and behaviors of Wall Street, standing up against Social Security Administration actions on Wall Street's behalf and not the insured. 

In my opinion, there is a difference between how Social Security Disability responds to their insured when there is a Democratic versus Republican Congress. When Democratic legislations are being put forward, there is compassion to aid in recovery of disabled, to make their lives better, to invest in the help required to get as many individuals back on their feet and leading a more rewarding life.  There is recognition that the road to recovery in most cases is a long hard one, but a road well-traveled for the taste of victory.  The struggles of most disabled can make life hopeless unless light can be seen at the end of the tunnel.  Compassion and guidance can move the disabled a long way to a better future.

Yet this Republican Congress is taking a totally different approach.  Instead of investing in a group of hurting, limited skills and resources in many cases, they choose to put individuals under surveillance in hopes of eliminating their insurance claim.  Does Wall Street need the money from Social Security Income that bad?  Has the recession caused such a loss for them they came looking at the least of us? Really?

There was a time in our society people looked down on people on disability because they felt their lives were so much better.  Has our economy fallen so far due to the unscrupulous behaviors of Wall Street that Social Security Disability Income looks good? Really? How can poverty in any country look good to anyone?  Ask those receiving Social Security Disability Income and they will tell you that most struggle daily just trying to make ends meet. 

Is this just? Especially due to Congress allowing Employers not to pay their fair share to Employees?  For if Employers paid out Disability to Employees along with Social Security Disability for many there would be far less hardships. 

But instead this Congress has decided it is better to take from a group of people, who have little to start with and spend their days suffering through their disabilities.  Is this the type of Congress that should be representing you? Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Sanders don’t think so from their comments.  They see your needs and hurts.  They acknowledge what is being done to those on Social Security and acknowledge much more help is required.  This Republican Congress refused to give cost of living increases to those on Social Security last year, but gave their staff and themselves raises.  What is wrong with these people?  Do they think we are blind and cannot see?  Do they truly believe in their heart we are second class citizens? Or that we will not stand up and be counted?  I beg to differ! Standing up is what people involved in Social Security Administration Programs must do, otherwise one day, these tactics to cuts, reduce, and discourage those who have a right to these benefits may put an end to this system of support.
Isn’t this what harassment and intimidation is all about? Making you fearful? Forcing disabled to live with lack instead of asking for help?  Isn't the purpose of harassment and intimidation to make you feel bad about need help even though you have been paying premiums into these programs through working?

Wall Street greed factors should not play a role with those who often give more to them than they deserve.  And people who are disabled should not be mistreated and taken advantage of because they feel bad about their circumstances.  Social Security Disability Surveillance is often performed on individuals with few resources, little power, with hardly a voice against an organization with vast Community, State, and Federal Resources to use at will appropriate or inappropriately.  For people seeking the assistance of the Social Security Administration, far removed from their consciousness are the types of behaviors subjected to by this organization performing surveillance upon their daily lives for the benefit of Wall Street.

In Maryland, there is an office that primarily works with surveillance of SSDI and SSI Recipients. However, if you ask them they probably will not tell about their process or confirm this action.  In fact, the Social Security Administration has the legal right not to tell you or anyone else for that matter about their behaviors.  Who would have approved of such a law and why hasn’t this one been revisited?  What will really get you going is another part of the law Congress wants to pass.  If Employer will pay Disability Income and you no longer apply for Social Security Disability, corporations will get more subsidies to add to the vast number already provided. For years, our government has been paying the cost for private companies, whether this is giving out Food Stamps instead of companies paying a decent wage, health care benefits that they pass on to Medicare instead of paying for their own retirees, or disability income they pass on to Social Security Disability.  And they talk about the Low and Middle Class people not paying their fair share.  Really?  And who allows them to get away with this lack of payments to Employees?  Congress. Yes Congress.  The one at the top of the food chain is getting their chain yanked by Wall Street.  And the people at the bottom are chasing their tales around in a circle.  Who really needs the surveillance? I suspect it’s not the disabled on Social Security Disability. 

Knowing what to expect when dealing with disability surveillance, whether it be Social Security, Insurance Companies, or Employers, has one major realization:  In most cases they are working together without your knowledge.  Add Police Departments along with Investigative Companies against the disabled and considering most injured are broke, it’s a lot to bear alone.

Who would put such a burden on people who are already weary?  Those whose self-interest exceeds that of 20% of the country.  Here is a list of behavior you can expect from those performing surveillance:
1)        Moving into your neighborhood, talking with neighbors and recruiting them, spotting entrances and exits from your location, who you associate with, where you go regularly, what kind of activities you perform.
2)        Getting information from those who treat your conditions, attempt to convince them condition is not that serious, try to get you to talk with undercover personnel to say something inappropriate, or do something you’ve stated on your forms that you cannot physically or mentally perform.
3)        Come out into the open (overt behaviors) in an attempt to scare you, to do something that would hurt claim and force you to do what they want. Most people injured in car accidents have been traumatized from this event, therefore, harasser's bullying tactics are used to scare you while driving to cause a mistake that is harmful.
4)        Cut off benefits and let you sweat. This tactics is used to get you to sign documents otherwise unwilling.
5)        Online harassment and intimidation through social media accounts, search engines, tweet, reply, or create false items to harass and intimidate, and hack your online accounts.
6)        Hack your smartphone, laptop (even stealing it to see if there is information that can be used against you), desktop, tablet, whatever electronic device available.
7)        And, believe me, this is another endless list, there will be much more detail coming in the future. 

However, leaving you with all this bad news wouldn’t be good so let’s end this on a good note.  First, behavior is inappropriate and places a burden on the disabled which is not needed, life is hard enough.  After facing so much mistreatment, you will get a lot smarter. Trusting others may no longer be a priority after being bullied and abused in some ways.  And you may not be as giving to others as once were, but you will begin to recognize human behavior in ways never encountered before, and learn how to stand up for yourself and others.

Sometimes you don’t know what made of until pushed. In the words of Muhmmad Ali,  “I will not be broken.”. I suggest in this case you follow in his footsteps.

Stay safe, well, and determined.

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