Saturday, July 9, 2016

Handling Bad News

Seattle (ESTRA) - Attacks upon your person hood happen.  Let this be a red flag to you that this person may not be operating on your behalf.  Make a decision to love yourself regardless of your current condition or the attacks that may come your way in attempt to belittle, bring you down, or control outcome after a car accident. Remember the best advocate in this situation is you!
Pain has a way of bringing a great deal of discomfort on its own, and nothing needs to be added. 

Try these three things to help master handling bad news.
1.         Recognize there will always be good and bad news.  Rarely do we see one without the other.  Stay on an even keel so the highs and lows will not take valuable energy needed in your recovery.
2.         Choose to journal bad news.  Then ask decide how you want to handle the situation, and make a plan.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate, keep it down to three options, and if you need more, add them after the initial ones have been completed.  Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself, after all you are your best advocate.  Take comfort in knowing your actions are and should be proactive.
3.         Seek out comedy relief to lift your spirits through books, entertainment, or whatever provides joy in life.  Balancing happiness and sadness will help bring back a perspective that it’s all a part of life. No matter what is brought our way, we must continue to move on! 

Keep on boxing gloves when dealing with individuals or companies who use oppressive or bullying tactics to get their way.  Often times injured are intimidated into accepting low ball settlement offers, less medical care than they feel is needed, or not getting the financial daily living support. It's common to be sad about being treated this way.  You have a right to be disappointed.  And, you have a right to fight for what you believe has been promised to you.

Handling bad news becomes more manageable when injured have done all you can to stand up for yourself.  No one likes to be bullied.  And if you are, expose this behavior.  When abusive behavior goes on without holding insured accountable, it can be psychologically damaging.  Frankly, people injured in collisions have enough problems to worry about, therefore, don’t allow others to add more burdens when already too heavy.

So, keep things simple.  Don’t be held captive to bad news.  Face it head on.  Challenge it in a way that helps to bring peace of mind.  When bad news knows it will not allowed to build up inside and explode, that you are willing to deal with whatever concerns come your way, the pain may still keep you up at night, but handling bad news will come a lot easier.  

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