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Feed Yourself, Rest, and Recover

Great food, great prices, comfortable atmosphere at lunchtime in Seattle.


September 24, 2015                                         Sunlight Publishing, LLC
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Seattle (ESTRA) – No energy or desire to cook? Budget has little room for eating out?  With or without a disability, sometimes it just easier to eat out than prepare food.  Going out for lunch can provide two meals instead of one.  In this way, energy levels can be protected if fatigued or additional time is gained for additional daily tasks. 

Dining out can also serve as an enjoyable outing without being too strenuous. If this is something you like to do often, find restaurants which fit into your budget.  Also find coupons which help to reduce the cost, such as Groupon. Balance is often the key and helps break up the monotony in your week. 

Car accidents impact people in a variety of ways because of different levels of support, financial situation, personal injury, or disability.  A key component to remember is that life does go on.  Gain an understanding of which task can be done comfortably each day and build your daily plans around them.  Be sure not to cast plans in stone because personal injury or disability can change how much activity is appropriate depending on the time of day.  Learn to go with the flow.  Being patience with yourself and accepting levels of pain and/or suffering can help bring greater satisfaction at days end by adhering close to what can be accomplished, not how much you wish to do in 24 hours.

Don’t be afraid to try new places or new types of foods.  It may be an adventure that is comfortable, as long as the flavors are in a realm you can savor.  Last weekend I took on this new exploration.  While filing up the gas tank, we looked over and saw a new restaurant.  When first discovered, there were only three cars parked in the lot, by the end of our conversation and attempting to park, the lot was full.  This happens a lot when harassers listen in on conversation and attempt to discourage one from pleasant activities.  I have become accustom to this harassment and intimidation. Personally, I believe bullying is inappropriate and chose to find a way to participate in the activity.

I went inside the restaurant and ask if there was additional parking. “Yes, right next door” the waiter responded.  Fortunately, it was duplex parking, therefore, it was still doable. I was encouraged and looked forward to a meal at Beijing Restaurant.

To our amazement, lunch specials were relatively inexpensive. They meals came with soup, main entrée, and my favorite, a fortune cookie. This place was extremely clean.  The food came quickly and with fresh ingredients.  And, to top things off the atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing.  

Food levels are generous so you don’t have to worry about leaving there hungry.  In fact, if dealing with chronic pain and less of an appetite, bring the rest home for dinner.  Either way, it’s an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend this restaurant. 

If you happen to go on a Tuesday, which is their day off, food next door at Little Dumplings is also a nice place to try.  The staff is friendly and menu selection will provide options for new discovery.

I didn’t focus on the harassers.  Fortunately, they did not attempt to ruin the experience.  More than likely it was because they thought we were going into Little Dumplings on Sunday.  However, we didn’t try this location until Tuesday. 

Regardless of where a car collision takes you, continue to enjoy life as much as possible.  Think on good things and find opportunities which uplift your spirits.  Life is too important to be held back by harassment.  Join Citizens to protect Insurance Policyholders today. Help bring fair practices and settlements ending bad faith behaviors. 

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Complete Lunches for less than $7.00 USD

There are few parking spaces, which of course harassers took while overhearing next destination. 

If no harassment and intimidation less parking hassels. Extended parking next door. 

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Two minutes before deciding to try this restuarants half of parking spots were open.  When turning around to park, all were full. 

Choose to enjoy outside activities in spite of  harassment. Positive energy support recovery from injury.

Kung Pao Chicken

Learning the license plates involved in harassment is important.  Join Citizens to protect Insurance Policyholders today before it happens to you. 

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