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Cyber Insecurity

 Cyber Insecurity Is Manifested Daily.  

September 11, 2015                                                               Sunlight Publishing, LLC
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Seattle (ESTRA) –Are you under the illusion that your online or personal information is safe?  Believe that anti-virus and malware will keep computer systems protected?  When Wall Street comes knocking usually by using Police to protect their interest, what are your options as an everyday citizen?

How can you be protected against those with power, resources, and influence?  The question is:  How can be safe from unethical hackers who may work to improve commonly used software? 

These individuals work on or are extremely familiar with online and mobile banking code, giving them access to banking information. These individuals can shutoff mobile phones on a whim.  GPS Tracking devices are commonly used.
What Main Street commonly experience is Cyber Insecurity.  Its as if the doors are wide open and whatever access Wall Street requires becomes available with ease. 

Most citizens are knocked off one by one. Many are afraid to stand up to harassment and intimidation faced.  But it is only when citizens stand up in unison and say abuse must stop, will Main Street be capable of putting an end to bullying against Policyholders after filing Insurance Claims. 

Insured Civil Rights Legislation Protections is a necessity and must be passed by Congress in order to stop explicit tactics used to serve the purpose of a few, at the expense of many, which starts typically with Insurance Policyholders. 

Cyber Insecurity means not having privacy protections usually protected as Constitutional Amendment Rights.  They seem to be slipping away one by one.  The Patriot Acts protects those who already have too much access to your personal business, and provides Wall Street with only “true protections” after violating your rights.

Cyber Insecurity is becoming the norm against Main Street.  Each of us must stand up to unethical hacking by so call ethical hackers, and recognize integrity issues that attack Main Street and hinder personal growth.  We as individuals can begin to turn things around by standing up and not taking harassment and intimidation anymore.  Making it safer for most of us and creating a real cyber security environment instead of one that is illusionary. 

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A new form of harassment and intimidation.

Please support Insured Civil Rights Legislation for Insurance Policyholders. - ESTRA

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