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Determination That Never Quits

Seattle (ESTRA) - Today in the United States, many citizens face more obstacles than in the last two generations.  Poverty levels affect more people than ever.  Current generations wonder whether Social Security Retirement will be there for them, and that’s if they can find employment which pays a livable wage throughout their lifetime.  Furthermore, stress levels has increased tremendously in my opinion due to greed of a few whose income far exceed middle class income averages ten times over.  This personal hunger creates wage stagnation and insurance claims denials, from my perspective. It is nice to see restaurant workers saying, enough, along with those injured in car accidents not receiving their benefits only because auto insurance companies or employers have the option to say no, adds additional insult to injury. The suffering of those on bottom is overdue for a well deserved lift.  Don’t have a heavy heart.  Generations of Americans have gone through the fire.  Many citizens have the determination that never quits.

When facing surveillance video tape harassment.
A determined mind can accomplished much as history has shown time and time again.  Refusing to let go of desired results is important when face with adversity or discouragement.  Learning how to work through circumstances with the right perspective saves time and energy.  Read the history of Franklin Roosevelt which can a test to this fact.  Many ordinary people also have overcome obstacles. This begins with a level of determination which never quits.  Yes, creating the development of inner courage and strength to go through the fire and getting to other side is possible.  Successfully navigating the trouble of a car accident, can be an uphill climb.  Yet knowledge can be an escalator which provides comfort and relief along the way.  Making it through such turmoil sets new life standards and knowledge for moving through life’s struggles.  The realization of knowing that problems can be overcome is real.

Injury doesn't mean stop living, participate when able.
No one gets through life without their share of the good with the bad experiences.  Whatever mix of both come into life, realize there are always opportunities to shape your world.  For example, what can you do with tragedies that take place in life?  Reflect upon them from a perspective of learning.  How have they changed life?  Now, can you relate to people who have lived through similar predicaments?  In the future can this situation be avoided?  Can others be helped from acquired knowledge?  Have you taken something good away from this? If you can answer positively to most of these questions, the pain has not been in vain. 

Parking helps to get out more.  Be sure to use it.

Life questions such as this help to discover answers.  Accomplishments renew the human spirit and provide a knowledge that you have inner determination that never quits.   From my perspective, it is about learning, giving, and receiving.  Life journey possesses these three processes for most of us.  What we choose to do with it or how we will respond is up to us. 

Perhaps placing both good and bad in a category of just life places them in a better perspective.  The shaping of each circumstance test what we hold inside and out, therefore developing our content of character in ways not necessarily imagined. 

Find activities which add value to your life.
The shock of a car accident brings a range of emotions depending on the level of damage and injury.  Whatever place a collision has brought you, recognize it is only a single point in your journey.  Stay determined and keep moving forward, making the decision to be a better person in the future. 

Again, valuable lessons of hardships holds knowledge for moving though struggles rather than throwing in the towel and becoming stuck. Much of this has to do with levels of integrity and dignity when going through life. This is demonstrated by standing up to adversity, how you feel about yourself, and the outcome of hardships. 

Enjoy the company you keep and exhale.
This is why it is important to grow through hardships.  Therefore use past victories to help move along chosen path. Be willing to survive new threats thrown your way, and recognize not everyone will play fair.  Yet, take the high road because there will be more growth and it helps to stay above the fray. You are still the most important person in accident equation, and so is your life outcome.

Learn License Plates if being harassed.
Remember, the behaviors of others is their responsibilities.  You want to be able to look in the mirror and say you’ve done everything possible. Be proud of your efforts. Developing a determination that never quits is a gift.  Hold on to it as hurdles come.  You may be surprise where determination will take you and the hope it will bring to others.

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