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What Jesus Would NOT Do

SEATTLE (ESTRA) - This Easter is a good time for looking at our world today and discuss what Jesus would NOT do in our modern day.  Just as Jesus went out into the wilderness for 40 days, it starts with each of us looking at ourselves and what we are doing. 
Satisfaction is built over time in within one’s soul, by the choices made daily.  This creates personal legacy of peace, comfort, knowledge, and a life well lived.  From my perspective, this occurs while thinking on what Jesus would NOT do.   Too much time today is spent on self-serving interest.  And I can say without a doubt, Jesus’ interest is not self-serving.  The Bible is not made up stories, as many think in our modern times.  Yes, your heart and soul must be open to receive Him.  Isn’t this also true in developing a truly loving relationship?  How else can you learn and mature?  People are not computers, although we build them.  Some improve our lives and some destroy us.  When two are more people are involved, it takes time to build a relationship.  How can you learn to move through relationship struggles if spending little time in getting to know someone? Someone who cares about you. Someone who can help you understand your life purpose.  Nothing else can bring a greater satisfaction than its completion.  How can you learn what true love means, without the opportunity for him to show you on a personal level?  No one goes to work expecting to be paid without putting in the work.  How can you expect to know Jesus without spending time with Him?  I will be the first to admit, because most feel unprepared, initially scared what this mean for life, and what will change.  Being transformed by the renewing of our minds overtime is a comfortable transition.  When the Holy Spirit (God's Spirit) does the work from within, the external actions happen naturally.  Forcing change does not come from God in my opinion.  This manipulation is typically for the interest of others.  Jesus would NOT force his disciples into doing things, even when walking alone to his death, all the while knowing of his resurrection.  He gave them time to see and learn for themselves.   

And, really it is not that difficult.  If there is one person you can be honest with in this world, it is Him.  In past generations, they would sing, “Have a little talk with Jesus makes it right”.   But if you are expecting quick results, like playing the Lottery, typically it does not work this way.  If seeking understanding from Him, you will find it.  Answers for some people are relatively quick, and others it may be an extended period of time.  This relationship is built within the time each of us requires to gain understanding of the meaning of this bond, in my opinion.  Even Jesus needed to spend time learning about his Father in order to build a relationship.
Stand Against Intimidation Tactics.

So what would Jesus NOT do? 

Jesus would not stand by and watch others be hurt.  In his time they were going to stone a women for adultery, and today in my opinion it is the same story.  Everyone has made mistakes.  Each one of us can learn from them, and find forgiveness for ourselves and others.

Jesus would not stand by and allow others to go hungry.  Children go to school hungry in one of the richest countries (USA) here on earth.  When a society does not see value in their children, in my opinion, it has lost the vision for their future.  And statistic are seeing this today.  The United States is making significant losses in student rankings.

Jesus would not stand by and allow the Civil Rights of people to be violated.   Treating others like you want to be treated is no longer the golden rule.  Somehow, there has been a societal shift to God helps those who help themselves, and my brother’s keeper has been dropped.  From my perspective, when we drop our brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, even mothers and fathers, our care and concern for others will not be the same.  Which in turn, society moves away from love to sociopathic behaviors. 

Jesus would NOT stand by and allow money to be the main focus in life.  Do we need money to live today?  Absolutely.  But people cannot live by money alone, because it may nourish the body, keep you clothed, and housed, but an empty soul with all of these things, means nothing.  Everything starts from within.  Otherwise, people possessing all the material things one could ever want would be content with their lives.  Yet, having peace with very little, is better than everything, with no focus, an empty soul, and no awareness of what a relationship with Jesus truly means.

Jesus would Not stand by and let society change for the worse.  Jesus is a soldier in the army of the Lord.  Contrary to popular belief.  He fought daily for what He believes in which is what his Father taught him.  Things He believed were worth dying for and this is you.  He died so that no matter when or where you lived, an open mind and heart to receive him personally can start this relationship.  This relationship is built one day at a time.  Just as Jesus had a choice, so do you.  Just as his father planted seeds in his heart to learn and grow.  In my opinion, you also have these seeds.  Just as Jesus had a choice, so do you.  They just need watering.  Jesus is the waterer.  A watered soul does not thirst.  It learns to thrive.  A confidence is gained from understanding and achieving life purpose.  A soldier that stands and is willing to be led by the Holy Spirit, brings trust in Jesus to help you learn how to grow.  That is all it takes.  Many try to make it more difficult than it needs to be.

This starts by reading the Bible for yourself.  You’d be surprised how many people skip this part.  But in my opinion, this is essential.  That’s like wearing a blindfold and getting in your car and driving.  More than likely, you will not be able to make it to your destination.

Personally, I believe in starting with a Bible that is easy to understand.  This is my reason for recommending, The Everyday Bible, New Century Version (NCV) by Thomas Nelson.  It is available in hardcopy, paperback, eBook, and Cell Phone Application.  Start reading wherever your interest guides you.

One of my favorite prayers to start this new beginning:

“God I know, I do wrong, forgive me for my sins, I believe Jesus died for me, and today my salvation begins.  Jesus come live with me right now.  Be my Savior and Lord.   I will follow you forever.  I chose God.”

Now take it one day at a time.  No pressures.  Continue on with life.  Let Jesus Do what He does best, Love You.

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