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A Better You After Car Accident Injury

Car Accidents Happen Daily In Every City.  Downtown Seattle Washington
SEATTLE (ESTRA) - Self-esteem may be the most discounted item lost when involved in a car accident.  Things taken for granted daily, can be lost in an instant. Within this moment of loss, realization of just how valuable confidence is to living life, seeps into ones heart and mind.   If given a moment to reflect, when something is taken away, there is something put in its placed.  For example, an option of becoming more keenly aware of surroundings, that is seeing, hearing, smelling, or thinking differently to help make up for the loss.  Or, it can work in reverse sometimes, meaning, not being aware of any loss.

Whatever injury impact, life goes on.  And it is up to each individual to find their way back from the experience of trauma.  After all, everyone is in a state of change.  Learning, growing, and gaining understanding about who we are and how we choose to contribute in this world is constantly evolving. This new journey starts with how we feel about ourselves, the hopes that still remain, and courage to take on the task before us.  A kind of life, most people spend little time thinking about prior to injury.

From my perspective, people involved in a car accident deserve every opportunity at restoration and should receive all benefits entitled to after being injured.  The goal is to recover and be comfortable daily by doing and looking in ways that helps you feel better.  Have simple clothing to wear, the easier the better. In warmer climates, wear light materials.  Most importantly, put on something which keeps you at a comfortable temperature.

When physical condition allows, a good way to start of the day is with a nice bath or shower.  For most people, there is something soothing about water.  It’s a great place to meditate, relax, and sooth the pain and stiffness most people encounter after injury.  However, make sure this is a safe activity for you, and there is help available in case you need it. 
Use available tools for helping you attain goals. 
Pain and suffering experiences from an injury can feel like running a marathon, so take it slow, and rest afterwards if needed.  Also, doing little things can be a distraction from pain.  If able, keep your favorite color of nail polish handy and apply a new coat.  This will give you something easy to do and a pleasant accomplishment you can readily see.  Find simple things to do which are easily handled.

Also, reading during the day is a great distraction and provides the opportunity of learning something new.  Creativity can bring invaluable insights on ways to help you through this journey.  Going on the internet and learning about anything of interest help investigate things never thought about.  Having this as a 15 minute activity per day, can bring wealth of information overtime, and provide new ideas not only on ways to make days well spent, albeit injured, but learn empowering tools which rebuild and gain new ways of living.  As mentioned before, gains or loses flow both ways.  In other words, something loss is still something gained, and something gained, can still be something loss.  Sound like life to you?  From my experience, this is how it typically goes.  When change comes your way, even via a traffic collision, one can take this experience and create something better.

Also keeping cleansing cloths on table can provide easy access for refreshing face, hands, or anything that needs a quick wipe.  And if you decide to put on a little foundation make-up, these cloths will be helpful in clean up. 
Remember to do things at your own personal pace, not all at once.  You can decide to do one thing an hour, or two hours, or once a day.  It really is up to you.  When you take a look inside yourself, what makes up you is still here, perhaps transformed in some way.  It is time to rediscover, find unknown, or unfamiliar parts, this is also part of living.  The goal of creating a better you after injury happens on personal recovery time.
Harassers sitting in their vehicles.
Your perception of self in many cases determines destiny.  Can people attempt to impede direction?  Absolutely.  In some cases, can they slow you down?  Maybe.  But, if continue moving forward, you will eventually get to a new place where you can see a brighter future after injury.  When moving upward and onward with the wounds of a car crash, it does not have to take away from whom you can become.  Make a decision to stay focus in reaching your path.  Give yourself time for healing and restoration.  Creating a better you after injury may transform life from a less hopeful place, to one of empowerment, and more control over your life than you could ever imagine.  Are you ready?  I hope so.  There is a lot out here in the world, waiting for you to take hold of it.  I believe in you.  Just take it one small step to one small step. 

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