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Turn Hard Times Into Good Ones

SEATTLE (ESTRA) --Ending the year with good memories is an important as getting off to a good start in the New Year.  Has a Car Accident, in this current year thrown a wrench in your plans, meaning they were placed on hold or scrubbed all together?  If having more than your share of hard times, how can they be turned them into good ones?

Attitudes and frame of mind, decides how to process life experiences.  Personal expectations add value to life occurrences, as individually deciding the impact on self-worth and self-pride.  However, once a decision is made that value as a human being does not lay in the hands of our Peers or Wall Street, that it is a personal choice, belief systems may then create personal standard.  Therefore,  standard of excellence resides within us.

Hard times brings unanticipated changes.  Sometimes courage within us is brought out in ways never imagined, and those we thought would stand with us to the end don’t, and those we thought wouldn’t, do.  Therefore, difficult situation can teach us things about ourselves and other which we didn’t know.    

Unfortunately, being in a serious car accident for the average person brings hard times.  First your mind has to comprehend your current situation, which depending on the injuries, may be difficult.  Next, decision must be made about recovery, and where your future goes from here.  And more than likely, while you are trying to figure all these things out, financial woes creep in because Auto Insurance Companies, Employers, Long-Term Disability Insurance, or Social Security Disability Insurance, delays and denials of your benefits.  If benefit payments all stop at once, most people do not have enough income for survival.

This definitely can be an attempt, to break the injured victim, making their life spiral downward.  Many facing this situation are in no position to fight for their benefits due to a lack of income, the deep pockets of the companies, being injured and sick, meaning a lack of energy and not a full capacity.  My, my, my, yes, this can indeed be hard times brought on by a car accident, and companies operating in their best of interest and not the insured. 

Should you wallow in self-pity and anger?  Absolutely not.  What comes around does go around, and you do not have to be there to see it.  Instead, take a positive approach to a bad situation.  First evaluate what you do have and what can be done with it.  Second, decide no matter what happens you will stay positive and move forward.  If  suffering lack, so be it.  Lack will not be with you always.  Look for new ways to get  needs meet outside standard methods.   Make sure to rest and do best to recover.   These companies are well aware of most people inability to function under duress and in my opinion, realize the pain and suffering intentionally cause.   Third, continue to stand for benefits and do not give up on them.  Make sure to document their actions and reasons for it.  You may be going through this for the first time, yet, they are pros at going through this process.  Still be your best advocate.  The more learning, the better able to advocate for yourself.

Lastly, remember, the goal is to recover and get well.  When focusing on you and not the games being played by withholding benefits, you may struggle to improve, but it can be done.  Put trust in you,  ability to move forward, and choose to use  energy to promote positive ways to overcome the hurdles placed in your way, after being involved in a car accident. 

Look at each obstacle and ask yourself, how can I overcome this?  Continue to ask this question until possible solutions are made clear.  Evaluate them on their merits and impact.  Choose the best option, act upon it and store those memories into  “good one” stack as a victory one.  Take your time and be patient, I will, as always be wishing good outcomes for you. 

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