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2017 Car Accident Weekly Planner by ESTRA

SEATTLE (ESTRA) - Each day Car Accidents change life paths for those injured.  Many people find themselves in the hands of Auto Insurance Companies, Employers, Long-Term Disability Insurance, Government Agencies such as Social Security Disability, or in some cases, navigating this journey alone without financial resources and support.  Regardless of how many of these organizations dealing with, keeping information organized and ready for retrieval relieves stress and helps to respond appropriately when asked question or documentation is requested.

2017 Car Accident Weekly Planner by ESTRA supports efforts to keep up with injury claim information and documentation of condition.  When injured, it can be very difficult to complete required task.  This Planner provides easy and simple way to maintain Insurance Forms and track your progress through process which can take many months or years.  2017 Car Accident Weekly Planner by ESTRA brings wisdom, knowledge, and support by using experience learned from her dealings with companies.  ESTRA has dealt with Insurance Companies such as USAA, Geico, Pemo, Progressive, Farmers, Allstate, The Hartford, Premera, Blue Cross, united Healthcare, Medicare, Lifewise Assurance Company, Social Security. and SNC-Lavalin Constructors, previously known as Enron.

Also inside ESTRA’s Car Accident Weekly Planner is room for writing your personal notes and insight learned.

Personal Injury, Fatigue, Pain and Suffering consume time, energy, and expense.  Instead of enjoying life’s pleasures, more of the day is spent finding ways to ease discomfort. 

This also shortens number of constructive hours to accomplish goals.  Daily Planning can help to gain control over your time and increase productivity in routines.  Not enough hours in day to get things done? Having an injury turns life upside down.  Add a plan to get ordered and more rest for recovery.  ESTRA understands your situation and also wants to hear comments and concerns.  

Is your life over after a Car Accident?  Absolutely not!  Do some Auto Insurance Companies, Employers, or Long-Term Disability Carriers create a great deal of calamity in insured life after filing a claim?  Some do.  But, refuse to feel ashamed or guilty because of current health concerns, this is certainly not what you wanted.  Remember, they work for you and not vice versa.  You hired them in order to receive help in case of personal injury, thus, providing assistance with getting back on track or building a new future.  Your life still has value regardless of condition.  Part of this value is enjoying life at a comfortable level for current abilities.  Many people have learned to adjust the world in ways which works for them.  Sometimes this takes becoming creative.

Today people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities have decided that indeed this world is made for them too and reach out past comfort zones to seek new adventures for enriching life.  Entertainment is an aspect of the journey.  By spending time seeking out new ideas, places, and people, whatever personal preferences, entertainment makes life worth living by making fun memories.  Therefore, do not exclude this portion of your life.  It is not necessary to be miserable while enduring pain and suffering.  Be optimistic through troubles.

When a routine can be established and items placed in ways for easy retrieval, efforts required are less demanding, allowing for peace, rest, and research into getting better.  Recovery is the most important issue.  A simply designed Weekly Planner provides peace of mind, organized document retrieval, while holding appointment and journal information. 

2017 Car Accident Weekly Planner by ESTRA aids in decision making by providing documentation of what is happening with your situation, physically, emotionally, financially, and legally all in one place.  A Calendar is an asset in relieving stress when energy is low with high demands on time while recovering.  Access to appointment times, documentation, To-Do-List, along with specialized categories contained inside Planner can make it easier to see where you are and where going.

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