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Managing Your Money After A Car Accident

Lack of money is a major problem for most people involved in a car crash.

SEATTLE (ESTRA) - Financial Security is a slippery slope. After a car accident, it easily becomes a monetary nosedive.  One moment, you feel safe as a newborn baby in the arms of their parents.  And, the next minute feeling lost and confused, not knowing where to turn.  Is this from a lack of  planning for a bad season?  From a whirlwind of disaster that no one could predict?  Or,  just poor financial choices?

It's easy to become overwhelm from financial pressures. However remain focus.  Concentrate on the things that can be done, not those which cannot.
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In my opinion, it could be one or all of these circumstances that somehow connected to explain where your financial life is today.  While living, many times, people wind up in unforeseen situations.  Some are a heavy burden, like walking uphill on a mountain of snow, working your way to the top.  Today, make a decision, possibly frostbite and all, to reach the mountaintop. Do not get too discouraged when facing perhaps some of the worse situations experienced.  Believe me, somewhere in the world, someone right now is facing worse obstacles, and living to tell the tale.  It starts with not giving up, or giving out.  You might have to adjust your speed, which is ok. The important thing is just to keep going.  Keep this in mind if misfortune comes.  Do your best to hold it at bay.  Everyone seems to have a turn.  More trouble for some, less for others. Our attitudes play a major role in how we view our troubles, which can keep us there longer than we’d like.   

A future financial plan is important.  Sacrifices today softens hardships from an unplanned injury, which could happen again.  Yes, again.  More than one collision can occur within a short time.  Many end up not having any income for several months.  Would there be enough time to adjust resources and figure out a new financial plan?
Let us say, everything is lost. There is no money. A common experience is more bills and less cash.  Unfortunately, there is not enough funds for monthly expenses.  You do not know how to make it for another month.  What is the most important thing to do at this point in my opinion?  Breathe. Yes, breathe.  The more overwhelm you become, the cloudier decision making.  This cloudiness increases opportunities for use of poor judgment.  This opens up a new level of fear.  And from my perspective, fear is one of the worst things to encounter because it prevents making the best choices on your behalf.  It’s the beginning of leanings towards taking into consideration what you are afraid of, which means less review of what’s in your best interest.
From my perspective, placing yourself first financially allows you to be place in a position to climb out of difficulty. From my point of view, acting out of financial fear, gives more money to others needed for yourself, which when given to others, harm you more.  Can others wait until you are in a better position?  They will not get much of anything if you cannot pull yourself up out of financial hardship.  Sock away money to aid in your basic survival first.  Then pay what you can to others and build upon it slowly as you climb out of financial despair.

As one is climbing out of financial despair, remember what you have learned from this lesson, especially if carrying a great deal of debt.  Even though they were smiling and congratulating you as buying that home, car, vacation, shopping on credit cards, they were not so nice when unable to repay them.  Next time around be patient, purchase items within your current means so if financial problems comes your way, the blow my not be so harsh.  Saving a portion of what you make is important.  Financial sacrifice is a good thing, because tomorrow you will be here, and you will need to live, and to live cost, so you will need more money

Do you believe advertisements seen and heard daily? How much value do they add to your life?  This profit typically goes to someone who already has a great deal more than needed for basic survival.  However, they realize they will need money in the future.  Will you, too?  It is time to be the leader of your own “Financial Ship”.  Not be driven back and forth as every trend or commercial leads.  Think.  Think hard.  Think clearly about your financial life.  Yes, you have a financial future.  Each day you make choices about it.  How seriously will you take it?  Look on today, yesterday, a week ago, a month ago, and lastly a year.  What does it look like to you?  If you value your money as much as those who would like to take it, finding a balance between needs and wants will manifest itself.
Managing finances really starts with taking care of you.  Reconsider being persuaded by others to purchase things you cannot afford or do not need.  Whenever you think, “I deserve this item”, challenge yourself to say, “I deserve financially freedom”.  Be your own person, by living a life that brings joy, peace, and happiness.  This does not come by indebtedness.  Even without many material things, one can live your way, pursue personal dreams, and not promote dreams of others.

There is financial freedom with new beginnings.  It's really about You & Starting All Over Again.  Track money daily.  Begin to appreciate what you have, and not what you don’t.  I believe in you. You believe in you.

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