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Starting All Over Again After A Car Wreck

Life Is Full Of Unknowns

SEATTLE (ESTRA) --Ouch! The sting of loss is painful.  Most times, we take for granted the health, financial stability, family, people, or things we have in our life until they are gone.  Moreover, when this happens suddenly, our minds grable with its ability to accept this has happened to us.  However, we read about this occurring to people every day.  How often do we show care and concern by reaching out in our community to those experiencing the trauma of a car collision or sudden illness?

Our busy life sometimes squeezes out things that are most important to us.  Is this really the plan of our society?  Work until you drop, and then people become expendable?  In addition to being paid the least amount in wages possible, so bound and chain to help another corporation or entity prosper?  When you become injured and sick, these same companies may kick you to the curb and refuse to pay Long-Term Disability because their resources and lobbying Congress allows this.       

Well, time can be spent worrying about the injustices life can bring, or do something to change it and your life.  First, decide not to give up or give in to this situation, whether you are starting from a point of living on the streets, living with an addiction, homeless, no support, no money, no healthcare, this list is endless with the situations people find themselves in after a car accident.  Realize, today is the starting gate.  A gate opening now. 

Take a moment to sum up where you are today.  Accept this as a starting point, but do not stay here. 
Realize  Insurance Companies or Employers who keep Disability Benefits and create enormous hardships for injured and their families, deserve exposure for their behaviors. Share your story with other people and hopefully, those profits they are making by Bad Faith Practices will dry up.  Choose companies who support and work for carefully.  Learn as much as you can about them, in hope to support those organizations that place people first. Demonstrating fair and just treatment of their employees and/or insured.

Now think about your dream.  What is it? Is it still painful to think about losses?  There is usually a lot of healing to do in this process.  Especially, when a disability results from an injury.  In my opinion, one of the best ways to heal physically, emotionally, and financially, is to extend your hand to others in similar situations.  Multiple heads are better than one.  With limited resources, and possible abilities, helping out on each other’s dreams can make it more enjoyable.

If you are starting from scratch with few resources, typically, this is ok.  Fortunately today, the internet provides a great deal of resources for little or no cost.  Use Google Search Engine to find information to help with a new direction or rebuild a dream.  Take one small step at a time, really, you do have time.  Rushing to accomplishing a goal, may increase the time it takes to reach goal, instead of less.  Yes, it’s difficult to have nothing, or lacking things needed.  Slowly and surely, beats out fast, furious, and constant mistakes.
Be sure to take time each day to care for mental and physical health.  Lack always tries to take up most of your time, and if hungry, that desire is especially strong.  Seek out charitable organizations in local community.  They are a great resource in helping find the things people require in order to live.  The good ones never make you feel ashamed about asking for help.  In fact, many of these people have been in similar situations, and got their jobs at these organizations because at one time, they were in a similar place.  Remember these organizations when footing regained, which is how we can help each other.  You matter at this time, and so do others who will follow.  Eventually, believably, we all get a turn at hardships.

Do everything possible to stabilize your life.  So many people today are in need of help, many resources are stretched thin.  Sometimes, one will have to be creative in getting housing, car, or necessities.  Spend a little time each day trying to reach this goal.  You may hear many no’s, but do not let that discourage you.  Remember, there will always be no’s.  The yeses count and change your life.  Count the yeses instead. 

Stay up on the Daily News.  If they relate to your current situation or an issue close to your heart, contact local, state, and federal representatives.  Remember to register to vote.  In this way, citizens hold them accountable, and give power to what you value. 

Lastly, know that YOU matter. You are important. Your needs are important.  Your life does have meaning.  You can accomplish the things you want out of this life.  Will they just come up to you and say, I am here! Not in most cases.  You have to fight for your dreams.  Make them happen.  Wisdom, Knowledge, & Support over time gives them a fighting chance to be fulfilled.   

Yes,  you will encounter the doubters, discouragement, the haters, and the ones that would prefer a slave, miserable life for you.  But, what do you want?  And, what are you willing to do in order for change to happen in your life today?  I challenge you never to give up, never  become defeated by behavior of others, regardless of what is seen before you, it does not have to end this way.  

Make up your mind that dreams can be achieved.  Let them grow a little each day and see.  Write me an email when you've taken those first steps.  They are typically the hardest, but most rewarding.  Then keep going, don't stop.  The learning curve takes a while to bring forth dreams.  Patients are a virtue build over time and experience, so give yourself the opportunity to acquire them both.  How long will it take?  Research how long it has taken others to get there.  Make your estimates realistic, and then move forward.

It's really about You & Starting All Over Again.  Rise from the ashes to a place of peace and comfort.  Find a bit of joy and happiness along the way.  I believe in you. You believe in you.   

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