Sunday, October 14, 2012

Harassers At Their Worst Online - Disability Counter Surveillance

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Use Traffic  Pictures To Document Harassment And Intimidation

Do have doubts about how those in power can intimidate or harass the disabled? If you have not experienced it, or do not know anyone who has, keep reading this Blog and become familiar with the signs. 

As documented below, large numbers of Engine Search Pages are dedicated to hindering individuals from finding help against harassment and intimidation by Insurance Companies and Self-Insured Employers.  Why would the truth be so threatening? Fortunately, when people are seeking information, a determination will eventually allow them to find ESTRA's "real" pages, despite hindrances.  Perhaps they hang out with Rush Limbaugh.  They seem to have a similar mentality (see harassment below).  Let's hope they will also be exposed.

Keep visiting ESTRA's Blog, Radio Show, Twitter, and soon new YouTube videos.  Harassment and intimidation are real.  Just a quick review below will make this apparent. Read it first hand in my latest book, "Car Accident: Personal Injury Wisdom, Knowledge, & Support.  The links are above.

The Number Of Harasser Can Climb
Take care of yourself. Never give up. Continue to support efforts to change ERISA and ensure the disabled are able to receive their benefits.  Because, you never know when you will be in a car accident.


Sorry...I had to remove the examples because of their poor taste and not acceptable for a general audience.  If you would like to see them, please use the address below, and I will send to them to you personally.

Keep your chin up.  No one can deter you unless you give into bullying.  Stay focus. Bring attention to the behavior.  Ask others to join in to make changes to a system that  mistreats the injured or sick just to keep their benefits. 

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