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Who & How Harassment Works - Disability Counter Surveillance

Disability Surveillance Happens To Millions Of People
Seattle (ESTRA) - Who has the most to gain from harassment and intimidation? Certainly not the insured. These actions are usually taken by Insurance Companies or Employers. Those in car accidents before you provided enough information for an effective harassment and intimidation strategy.  Well, their story ending, doesn't have to be yours.  Keep your wits.  Do not believe exaggerations or downright lies.  Use common sense actions, use of accurate information, creativity, and add a bit of good luck, then perhaps, you may come out of this nightmare victorious.  Just don't give keep up.

Let's take a moment to present the definition of disability surveillance, in order to verify a disabled persona's injuries, from my perspective.  Most Insurance Companies who are seeking a honest assessment of an insured, in my opinion, will evaluate a disabled person between 1-7 days, make a decision regarding the case, and inform their insured on their observations, if they have any concerns.  From my perspective, this is checking out an insured and verifying their claim of disability.

The Goal Of Harassment In Numbers Is Intimidation
What I personally consider to be harassment and  intimidation is when the disabled person is covertly and overtly monitor for months or years with a goal to scare or bully them into relinquishing their Long-Term Disability Claim, or stressing the Disabled person or their families into reacting in a way that allows the Insurance Company or Self-Insured Employer a legitimate reason to deny their claim.  The pressured applied in order to save investor's profits, can be tremendous on the disabled.  And, unfortunately, in many cases, there are few recourse because of the laws Congress has put in place, or Law Enforcement working with Insurance or Self-Insured Employers, which from my point of view, is a conflict of interest. 

Typically,  an Insurance Company or Employer could be the ones harassing and intimidating the disabled.    In my opinion, this type of harassment increases with the value of the claim. Thus it is the money most times that drives this behavior.  In particularly, when these companies are having to pay money from their coffers.    Why are the people with the least resources and abilities to protect themselves often victims to systems that should support them, rather than cause a great deal of misery?  How long will we continue to be a country that subjects it's most vulnerable, to some of the worst conditions?  I say,  this issues will continue until each individual stands up for the rights of all people.  In my opinion, we have been trained to be inactive.  We have lost our knowledge of how to stand up for what we believe and is important.  We have trusted a segment of our society, which are our leaders with the role to protect us.  However, what we got, in my opinion, are too many people concerned more about self and wealth, than our world.  
In Spite Of Harassment, Stay Clam, Focused, And On Your Schedule

Each individual makes a difference.  It really is one person at a time.  This is truly how our strength grows.  A strong sense of protection for our society, comes by each individually being concerned with how all of us are doing and our treatment.  Until we realize harassment and intimidation against disabled, defeats the real purpose for insurance: a safety net in case the unforeseen happens, not for their profits, none of us are safe.    The more some get, the more they want, which means they will eventually get to you.  Insurance profits are not a bad thing unless it's at the expense of their insured.

Make sure the Insurance Company managing your claims, does not have a reputation for acting in "Bad Faith" against injured.  If Congress really wants to help insured,  they will legislate actions that make the behavior of Insurance Companies transparent to level playing field. Let them declare the number of insured they harass, the amount of money they save by this behavior, and the impact it has on those individuals and families.   If this information becomes available, those Employers and Insurance Companies acting against their insureds due to profit motives, will clean up their act.  Because, we'd leave them in droves and they know it.  And, rightly so.

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