Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fighting Back - Disability Counter Surveillance

Harassers Outside of Living Quarters
Seattle (ESTRA) - Crash! You are in a car accident, and your own Auto Insurance Company is refusing to pay.  ERISA Disability Insurance Policies, provided by private companies as a benefit to their employees, and known for finding loopholes Congress made for them not to pay insureds, is also backing out.  It definitely looks like they have put your family in a jam.  But don't panic. They have never controlled your destiny. You are still captain of your ship.  They are just  making it harder through harassment and intimidation, in addition to financial hardships. Both took your premiums in case an accident happened. But left you high and dry.  Don't be discourage. They've done it to millions of others, too.   Did they ever have any intention on paying out claims they deem too expensive?  In my opinion, looks like they would rather fight than pay. Do they think this is their money?  Did their predictions for out of pocket cost exceed expectations?  So are they taking it out on you? 

How do you fight back against harassment and intimidation? First, decide never give up.  Yes, they will throw more at you than the kitchen sink, and it may feel like you spend a great deal of time ducking in order to be missed.  In fact, in my opinion, there is nothing they will not use against you, if possible. Fortunately, once you recover from the shock of their actions and what you have to live through, begin to develop strategies on the offensive rather than defensive.  You know what they have done and it's typically very abusive.  Pat yourself on the pack that you are still standing.  Now stand with others who have or are going through it.  Realize others can supply great ideas for helping get through the process, encourage you on a new direction for your life, and perhaps provide ideas that help get through these troubled times. 

Many harassers count on you getting tired and giving up.  It's likely they have more resources in terms of money, lots of harasser, investigators to learn everything about you. They will stump, terrorize, aggravate, and make your life miserable at every opporunity.  Begin to recognize their games, and choose to stand not only for yourself, but others who will come after and suffer just as much, if you don't stand.  Find the strength to overcome.  
Harassers At Breakfast Time (Going To McDonalds)

But what don't they have? Your will and determination to stand against them.  I believe they recognize if you stand along with others, their bullying days are over.  Because there are certainly more of us, than them.  And, they have certainly taken advantage of enough of us, abused us, that most of us will not forget it in our lifetimes.

Continue to voice your dissatification with their behavior.  Because when telling your story, others will begin to share theirs, too.  In this way, shame based tactics will no longer work.  Secrets used to shut people up, will be displayed for all to see as intimidation tactics.  Learn to recognize harassment and intimidation tactics, so when apparent, you will be able to recognize the behavior, and can call them on it immediately. 

Come talk. Tell Insurance and Self-Insured Employer behaviors.  Come listen to my Radio Show, "Talking About You with ESTRA" on BlogTalkRadio on Saturdays at 11 a.m. PST.  I want to share my experience and learn about yours. So call in, listen, and participate in interactive opportunities.  It's important for all of us to continue to learn and grow from each other.  

Harassment While Driving
There are many ways to discourage people.  From my perspective, harassers have been practicing this for generations.  And, it shows by their perfection of their tactics. However, the human spirit is resilient.  What can be endure quite frankly, is remarkable.  Does this mean one wants to walk the plank, so to speak? Not at all.  But once on it, be an advocate for others who's time has not yet come.  Seek out methods to share your story to help others, and convince Congress change is needed now.  Our legislation needs to do a better job at protecting those injured and sick.  It's my belief, a company that profits from your pain, cannot also serve effectively to protect your interest. Therefore, fight back against bad faith claims by Insurance Companies, and unfair ERISA Disability Insurance Claim Denials.  Otherwise, they will continue to profit, and the injured will continue to suffer.  

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