Friday, August 3, 2012

Disability Counter Surveillance Statistics

Disabled Outside Don't Deserve Harassment
Statistics Needed on Number of Harassers
Seattle (ESTRA) - Presented today are a few statistics in simple terms to demonstrate harassment and intimidation is not anything new.  Some injured and sick individuals have experienced this for a very long time.  In fact, bullying behavior has harmed the disabled for way too long. Personally, I wish Congress would consider this to be more important than taking away rights that improve the life of many citizens.

Videotaping Is Important

The release of statistical data on the number of injured and sick people placed under surveillance, and the length of time this action takes place by insurance and self-insured employers, would perhaps reduce the levels of harassment and intimidation experienced by insureds.  Their books should open as the Social Security Administration's. Furthermore, they should show the original policy amount versus the actual amount paid to each insured.

It's nice to see President Obama sign into law a requirement to now reimburse insured when they have not paid 80% of their premiums for care.  But this is just the start of peeling back the onion on this industry.  The injured and sick experience suffering because of insurance and self-insured employer's behavior, thus, a mechanism for compensation should be put in place.  Many experience unnecessary financial and emotional hardships that would not be felt if their policies had paid out in full.  Cobra statistics should also be public and easy to retrieve.  In my opinion, levels of suffering experienced by individuals struggling to cover healthcare cost and basic survival will be prevalent.  The word, "transparency" is thrown around a lot, yet, there is more covet actions. Does disability policies through insurance companies and self-insured employers work in consumers best interest? From my point of view, availability of more information would help make this determination.

Many times, injured or sick individuals are not necessarily knowledgeable on statistics related to their current condition(s).  In my opinion, knowledge is power to choose your directions.  This choice is created by having data to evaluate care and investigate options.  Without it, one is relying on what someone else says, which is more than likely true, but there may be many more choices.  The more information available, the broader your perspective can become and your own creativity sparked.

Futhermore, self-esteem can suffer because of feelings this happens only to few people, when in fact, many have faced same issues.  Again, this is why making information available is important. Confirmations are an encouragement to many disabled. If not finding enough information, take your research to a global level.  Seek verifiable research from all over the world.  Do you see yourself in some of it? Can your doctor verify it?  Are there things you could do own your own? Whatever choices made, use the best facts and discuss with others in support group, family, friends, and medical professionals. Remember, this is your life.  You are ultimately responsible for it's care.  Make decision you can live with.

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