Friday, July 27, 2012

Got You Distrusting, Too? - Disability Counter Surveillance

Harassers Professionally Trained in Bullying 

Seattle (ESTRA) - Harassment and intimidation got you distrusting, too?  Their physical and emotional abuse is enough to turn people from openness to complete closure.  But, do bullies deserve that kind of power over you? Over your life? I don't think so.

Developing a healthy level of critical analysis should be used when evaluating those you come in contact with online or in person.  All is hardly ever what is appears to be, especially when dealing with individuals.  But,   who is worth trusting more than yourself? No one.  When evaluating others, critical thinking along with intuition, and a bit of research most times allows you to end up where expected.  If things go south, sometimes they do,  toss it up to a hard lesson learned, but keep moving forward.  No time for wallowing in past mistakes at the loss of future opportunities.  Perfection is great in thought, and good when pushing one toward desired results, but it's always a work in process.  Close, but hardly attained.

In our world of instant gratification, it's easy to become impatient.  However, most things happen progressively, one step at a time.  This brings learning, growth, and experiences for future use which creates a "people toolbox".  Therefore, when harassment and intimidation occurs, you are not defenseless.

Whether bullies have wealth or bread crumbs, they typically use anything inside or outside their toolbox. So become as equipped and prepared as possible against their attacks.  Yet, stay focus on your goals and do not by-pass what life has to offer you.  It's not worth taking your eyes off desired dreams and going down a deadly path directed by evil doers.  Your suffering is enough right now, no more is needed.

Car accidents happen everyday.  So do other misfortunes.  Many can be immeasurably painful.  You may not know how to overcome heartache, physical pain, or mental anguish. However, choose to get up and live another day.  Do one thing each day to help healing process. Feel proud because it's a major accomplishment for you.  Some of the best hugs received are the ones given to ourselves.  When truly loving yourself, it's very natural to become your own protector and best advocate.  This demonstrates knowing YOU'RE valuable, no matter what or who comes your way. Recognizing personal value, reduces opportunities to be taken advantage of by others.

Whether dealing with harassers, or those who employ them, employers, insurance companies, attorneys, physicians, family, or friends, listen to what's inside your heart and mind.  Place them first. Add research if necessary.  But do not allow anyone to turn you into someone else for their advantage.  You are too special for that! So, instead of becoming distrustful, learn to give your trust to those who have earned it.  Not from their gift for gab or bullying, but by their actions, behavior, and your evaluation of them through critical thinking and intuition.

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