Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Go Get Them Occupy Wall Street - Disability Counter Surveillance

Even ducks know how to protest.
Today, Occupy Wall Street reignites goals to make a change in our society.  As Micheal Jackson sang so beautifully, "Make a better place for you, and for me".   Shouldn't that be what we all really want?  Must it be a one win, one lose epitaph?  And why must there always be people out there wanting to do harm, rather than good? 

Well I hope in Occupy's case, the good people stand up and say they know the goals are for everyone to be treated fair, with dignity, and respect.  How hard should that be?  Is money valued more than caring for people?  Have we lost our values?  Our common decency?

And, as in any case for change, why do some try to attached the bad some may do with those who really stand for kindness and generosity?  Who gains by making these associations?  It seems like the first rules of engagement when trying to breakdown an organization or even individual harassment and intimidation, is to discredit them.  Therefore, I ask, who wrote the rules on credibility?  Is it those whom knew they could disband their enemies easily?

Occupy has demonstrated the goal is making Wall Street accountable for their actions.  No more, no less.  We should all be thrilled there are ordinary people willing to stand for something so great.  Those who are not intimidated, not deceived by commercial ads that contain lies, and those who do not buy into the idea that wealth is everything. 

So go get'em Occupy.  Stand your ground.  Don't let harassment or intimidation deter from your goals.  I assure you, if your stay in the fight, your name will continue to be dragged through the mud.

Many disabled go through this same process each and everyday.  And they continue to stand, too.  Let's help Micheal Jackson's song become a reality.  Let's stay in the fight until it is a better place for you and for me.

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