Saturday, April 28, 2012

Update ERISA Legislation For Better Policyholder Protections

ERISA allows harassment and intimidation to injured or sick people.
Today, millions of people are exposed to ERISA Legislation through employer benefit packages. Typically when self-insured employers hold a staff meeting to discuss worker benefits, employees believes this is their safety net if serious injury or sickness occurs, but is it really?  What kind of care will be given to employees?  Do self-insured employers mentioned that they are the insurance company?  Do you know as an employee your rights under ERISA?  If rights of both employers and employees are laid out for all to see, I ponder if workers would place their futures in the hands of employers? 

Once reading this article, and if you agree changes need to be made, be sure to sign a new petition for ERISA Reform coming soon. The sooner the laws are fair to employees, the quicker insurance and self-insured employers will be held accountable under the law. (Peition now closed.Will do again in future.)

So lets start at the beginning.  What is ERISA? Click on this link to learn the U.S. Government's  definition:  Many of these selling points favor insurance companies and self-insured employers, leaving the injured and sick with less than half of their wage based benefits after paying for medical expenses.  Many cannot live off their full salaries, so half won't go far to cover living cost.  At the same time, cost go down for insurance carriers and self-insured employers.

Next, let's look at self-insured employers. This link does a good job of explaining their role. Employers usually keep most of the premiums and benefits that should be paid out to the injured or sick ex-employees.  And the worker has no recourse under ERISA.  What's fair about this?

Now, lets look at it from the perspective of injured or sick workers. The description sums up the experience for many people seeking disability benefits from self-insured employers. I selected this link because it's still  relevant, although written some time ago, the issues are the same today, and it shows the unfairness to employees very well (unfortunately, has been removed, in the future replace with new link).  See who's getting screwed?

Here is the link again.  Sign the ERISA Reform Petition as soon as possible.  It's quick, easy, and works for change: (Peitition is now closed.)

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