Saturday, March 17, 2012

Disable Come Out Big In Elections? - Disability Counter Surveillance

Your Vote In 2012 Election Says Disabled Have A Voice Against Harassment And Intimidation
Seattle (ESTRA) - I ponder the plight of the disabled if a massive turnout in the Elections.  I wonder if better legislation to protect Medicare would be brought to the forefront?  Would private companies still be able to have a major sway in our political or government systems?  How about abusive surveillance that targets individuals just because of disabilities, actions of free speech, or students demonstrating their constitutional rights?  Bringing those people who go often unrecognized and perhaps unable to get to the voting booths, to act upon their right to vote may bring a viral consciousness to some of the callousness experienced through surveillance.

How many disable adults of voting age are there in the United States? Millions.  The information was not easy to find.   And how many are able to vote? Much of the information found continued to mention the barriers to voting have hinder the disabled from going out to vote.  Isn't it time for us to end this practice?   Are we willing to take that extra stance to ensure those who want to vote can?  Bring a disabled person in your neighborhood with you to the voting booth.  Or if they are able to vote electronically, help to set it up.  Many states have provided additional assistance, but is it enough? If not, find out what services are available to get them there. Check in advance that the voting location has a place set up for the disabled.  We need to support each other.  Our strength, our community, and countries grows when we support the needs of everyone.  Each vote counts.  There is a voice behind that vote.  Don't let it be silent.  Because the next vote taken away may be yours.  By one psychological or financial poll tax at a time.

Let's turn out in big numbers this Election.  As a group the thunder of our voices cannot be silenced.  Then stay awake and watch.  Otherwise, corrupt actions may take away our gains.  Lets  help others in your local community get to the polls, or help those  to overcome financial barriers some state are now placing through legislation.

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