Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dealing With Public Harassment And Intimidation - Disability Counter Surveillance

Seattle (ESTRA) - Harassers' taunts and intimations in public places is an attempt to create havoc in insured's day. By creating hassles for the injured, they are sending a message from their employers.  What is the specific message to a particular insured? 

Is it one of control?  Is it one of punishment for becoming disabled?  Who could know the minds of individuals authorizing such actions for corporate bottom lines?

At times, it can be stressful when unaware of options. In order to relieve some of the stress they are trying to create, a knowledge of what to do  makes their actions less effective, and provides relief from harassment. Typically, these subtle threats are psychological.  Usually, an attempt to apply pressure in some way.  In many ways, intimidation objectives try to convince you they will never disappear.  The expense to do this more than likely, far exceeds what any company concerned with their bottom line would do.  Especially if you are far from retirement age.

Harassers take time away from tasks, recovery, and relaxation. Before going anywhere, make a strategy and anticipate their behaviors.  If there were things done to harass and intimidate, think about what can be done to prevent them from doing it again. Be extra cautious regarding harassers erratic driving patterns, a major tactic used to increase tension while on the road. If not feeling well, and impatient, perhaps put off activity until feeling better. This will also prevent harassers from baiting and you responding.  Allow them boredom. Left to pick on each other.

Remember, it takes two, or in their case one of you, too many of them, to tango.  You might want to choose a better partner.  One who's rhythm is closer to your own, and who dances by rules understood. Whether in restaurants, movie theatres, gas stations, gyms, grocery stores, or any other locations, refuse to be intimidated.  Complete your objective with enthusiasm and optimism.  In this way, a peace of mind and a gladness of task completion will be what you take away from this situation.

Dealing with harassers in public doesn't mean they can interrupt your day.  Videotape their behaviors as usual, but move forward with your goals.  In this way you win, they lose.

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