Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why The Harassment By Insurance Companies? - Disability Counter Surveillance

Why the harassment by insurance companies?  And which companies have the highest rates for harassment and intimidation of their insureds?  Will this information be available to share?  I'm on a journey to find the answer.

Upon searching, information to answer these questions was not easy to find.  Information that helped to form my opinions are shown at then end of the page via links for viewing. The list was getting too long, so it's not complete.   If you find additional information, please feel free to send to those comments and/or links.  Disability information seems to be held closely to their chest, so to speak.

In my opinion, it's the bottom line for insurance carriers.  How the moral or social cost was factored into their decisions is any one's guess. In commercials they say they are here when you need them, but are they for the disabled?  Are they there when claims exceed more than a targeted money range?  I'm not so sure.

I saw insurance ads on most web links where insureds were voicing concerns regarding their treatment.  Is this damage control? With so many of the disabled making the same complaints regarding insurance claims?  One would think legislation would be introduced on behalf of the disabled.  I was unable to locate Congress Legislation being brought forth to help.  Do the disabled need to raise up by using their votes to bring issues to their attention?  Many family members and the disabled bear the burden for this unfair treatment.  Many injured individuals who had long-term disability insurance policies did not find them sufficient help when unforeseen events took place.

Do insurance companies harass just because they are in a position of power?  Are they taking their fiduciary position for your money held in trust too far? Hearing  insurance companies' answers to these questions could shed more light on their stance.  Many times their standard statement is they need to investigate the claim. However, time and time again, these companies have the documentation to confirm a claim, but instead of satisfying a claim, they continue to harass and intimidate the insured.

How often are insurance companies acting in bad faith with their insureds? They have unlimited money at their disposal to not only harassed, but to defend their position in court.  Court is expensive, and therefore, their best defense against those with minimal resources.  Is the money we give in premiums being used against us?  Perhaps an evaluation is needed to ascertain which companies treat the disabled with respect, integrity, and pay premiums to those organizations?

Many individuals who've had awful experiences with insurance companies, are willing to share their stories. Thus, provide help to others going through it.  The injustice of the situation creates the desire to step out and discuss this matter. 

There are still too many unanswered questions regarding the treatment of the disabled claims.  This is one conversation that will continue into the future, until the answers are available. And, treatment is fair.

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