Wednesday, July 4, 2012

No Independence Day From Harassers - Disability Counter Surveillance

Harassers Have No Regard For Personal Space
No Independence Day from harassers.  Below is a demonstration of the harassment and intimidation actions displayed daily.  Go to Amazon Kindle and purchase the book to learn what they desperately do not want you to know.  Especially if you must deal with insurance or self-insured employers.  Your actions will send them a message that abuse is unacceptable. Plus, learn why they are fighting so hard to prevent you from knowing what is inside the book.

Here is what you will find on a Google Search written by harassers.  They have mixed truth with fiction.  They did not purchase the book. Bullying is very real for the disabled. This is only one of many ads.  But continue to stand if this is happening to you,  and I will do the same:

Car Accident/Personal Injury Wisdom, Knowledge & Support ... › ... › Nonfiction › Law › Specialties › Personal Injury
Car Accident/Personal Injury Wisdom, Knowledge & Support: ESTRA: Store... Kindle Book forum · I bought a book, yet I cannot post Reviews, 10, 10 minutes ago. Self-help forum · I'm gay, but I HATE gays. Please help!

Happy 4th of July.  In spite of harassment.



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Insurers do delay payments in hopes to discourage Insured. All of us standing together can turn these behaviors around. We don’t have to put up with this individually or as a country. We are millions strong, with great minds and creativity. Harassment and intimidation by Insurers can be stopped. How? By each individual who’s been preyed upon after filing Auto Insurance, ERISA, LTD, and Social Security Claims join me, ESTRA to pass Insured Civil Rights Legislation. This will end Insurers ability to keep benefits and settlements by making Insured Disability Surveillance Targets. Best Recovery Wishes, ESTRA