Friday, June 29, 2012

Sanity In Insane Situation - Disability Counter Surveillance

 Exercising Locations Are Not Off Limits From Harassment
Seattle (ESTRA) - Sanity is always under valued, until challenged.  The freedom of privacy seems like a right, not a privilege until harassment and intimidation crash into your life like an unwelcomed car accident.  Quiet moments taken for granted are now lost. 

How do you bring sanity into an insane situation? One word, FOCUS.  Focus on the things you value, your goals and dreams. Recognize harassment is a distraction.  A distraction attempts to bring you down, spoil your enjoyment, control your life, and make it miserable.  Bring sanity to your situation by listening to yourself.  Following your own intuition. Then, they cannot interfere with your way of life, happiness, or recovery. Do not give them your attention and be lead down the path of discouragement, hopelessness, and disbelief.  You are better than that, and need not fall for it.  

eep your joy and happiness. Stay positive in recovery.  Reach for the things in life that peek your interest.  Laugh and cry at your discretion, not from harassment and intimidation. Really, you make the choice. They cannot do anything without you.  However, you can do a great deal more without their distractions, including have a fantastic summer!

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