Sunday, June 17, 2012

Immigration Invisibility, Who Profits? - Disability Counter Surveillance

Immigration is another example of some people refusing to do the right thing.  And, what is the right thing? Treating people with respect and dignity.  What society holds it's children responsible for their parent's behavior? And, how long do you punish adults for attempting to carve out a better life for themselves?

No One Is Invisible Or Should Be Harassed
America once felt honored because people from all over the world wanted to become citizens here.  I'm sure all of us have been an intrusion on the Native American way of life. Now, we are all here and should work to make it a comfortable place for everyone.

Does this mean our doors are wide open? Of course not. However, compassion for the predicaments of others can go a long way.  Many people who are here illegally, worked very hard not only to get here, but work hard to survive.  Typically, they accept being treated as second class citizens, and pay money into a system they will not receive any benefits from.

Who benefits from these individuals being treated as second class citizens?  Who can pay them less, and take more? The same people to benefit from many systems set up to allow a privileged few to take advantage of the many and stock up profits. The same people who profit by the harassment and intimidation of the disabled, and do not want to pay out benefits.

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The only way these unfair systems will change is by average citizens, saying enough is enough. It is no longer acceptable to think, "O.K. I've got mine, you get yours." This mentality has been detrimental to the majority of individuals, and benefited a selected few. It's not that difficult to stand up and say, "as a citizen, I disapprove of this message."  A message of intolerance, nonacceptance, inequality, and disparity.  Divide and conquer? The few has done their work well.  However, now is the time to spread the message of  we all work, we all share, and we all profit. 

High-tech slavery is just a new way of keeping too many people down.  New techniques that silence voices,  as in the new Voter Registration Laws.  How much harassment and intimidation on different levels are you willing to put up with?  Does the problem have to come knocking at your door? Do you have to feel the pain so intensely, that you have no other choice?
Are Those Who Profit,  Those Wanting To Limit Immigration ?

We are all in this together. We need to stand together. We need to say enough greed. Enough harassment and intimidation.  What kind of  future do you want to have?  What is it going to take for you to stand?

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