Saturday, June 9, 2012

Harassment/Bullying Online Insurance Surveillance

Harassers often attempt to block access to information. 
Seattle (ESTRA) - Who would have thought harassment and intimidation on the Internet can extend to anyone, anyplace, in many ways? The best defense is indeed a good offense which allows people to identify your official links.   But how do you respond when harassers take half the information from your links, and disguise themselves as you with negative information?  

Recognize their deep desires of desperation to interject themselves into your life, no matter what the cost.  Which in my opinion, is their first mistake.  Do they really believe they can get away with this type of bullying without others recognizing them?  Are they much more sophisticated than everyone else?

Perhaps the beginners on the Internet may take some time to get up to speed, but each negative thought shared, each misdirection of a user, will at some point, lead back to them.  Someone will become interested in their reasons for taking so much time and energy to thwart efforts to speak truth to the harassment and intimidation they feel is their privileged right to act upon disabled, or anyone else who want their secrets out in the open.  However, there are many who can and are following their trail, and this is a good thing for all of us.
When Harassment Not In Person, They Will Intimidate Online

To throw a rock and hide your hand is a motto endeared to bullies. What type of Internet bulling may you encounter?  Your account may be compromised if you don't change your passwords regularly or if you leave computer online while unattended for long periods of time.  You may see fraudulent links which connect to your sites or other ones.  Furthermore, on Engine Searches look for information with your main words in the topic, presented as if you wrote it,  and a bullying  "story like" statements in attempt to discourage you and your followers. They will create many links that lead people away from your site, with the goal of confusing people in search of you to give up before finding official links.  So make it a point to let people know which are the real McCoy, i.e., define yourself in a way people can find the true ones.

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These are real issues for the disabled and require addressing.  Disabled people deserve to be treated with dignity.  Also, add the elimination of bad faith practices which are all too often implemented by  insurance and self-insured employers. Plus, the elimination of games to delayed benefits until some disabled people loose their footing or adjust to a lower quality level of life.

The emotional strength and continual knowledge learned through this process will give you the wisdom and power to overcome these obstacles.  It is important to get Disability Counter Surveillance Information to people with Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability.  More people need to be informed how prevalent this behavior is against injured or sick people, along with letting them know there are options for protection, and most importantly, they are not alone.

These type of harassers cry loud when unfair treatment knocks at their door, but have no problem dishing it out to others. These people need a detail lesson on respect.  But until they receive it, continue to focus on what you have to share with others, because it is needed.  Emphasize to followers where they can find you. Remember, you are the most important person in this equation of recovery and healing. Let harassers continue to do what they do best, be miserable.
Don't allow others to intimidate you.

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