Saturday, June 23, 2012

Predatory Behavior - Disability Counter Surveillance

Harassers Get Up Close And Personal.
Seattle (ESTRA) - This week, with the guilty verdict for Jerry Sandusky, regarding abused children, many individuals, including those previously abused, reflect on his impact.  With this type of behavior going on daily, have we become a society that only speaks of predatory behavior momentarily, when an incident becomes popular in the news? 

Our discussions should be base upon the daily impact of any type of abuse in our society.  Individual actions can reduce or eliminate these types of behaviors. Sense the possibility of abuse today? Remove the individual from the situation before opportunity occurs.  Caught at time of abuse? Stop it, provide comfort to person attacked, and report.  It doesn't matter if not acted upon by authorities, that's their part.  You did what matters, and helped the child or adult start healing process by acknowledgement.  How about after the fact? Try to get help for the victim and be supportive.  This action makes a difference.

What societal cost are we paying for inaction?  How many children? What about adults in our society who suffer everyday from predatory behaviors?  Including the disabled who endure the harassment and intimidation of insurance and self-insured employers?
Constant Following Of Injured Is Abusive Behavior

A society that acts on important issues by addressing them through leading by example and enacting legislation, demonstrate what is truly valued.  When people become more important than money, respect and dignity of others is also displayed.  

How can we move back to a culture that acts on the issues, rather than just talks about them?  Talking about these concerns is a good start.  But, action is what changes things.  It will change the suffering of a single abused child and their perception of the world  to a more caring, protective place.

Many disabled experience harassment and intimidation everyday.  In my opinion, President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder endure predatory behavior at the worst levels.  This lack of respect of our highest held representatives, demonstrates how the least of us can be treated with disdain.  But is this behavior right in either circumstances? Absolutely, not. By showing a lack respect for others, an atmosphere of contempt encircles each of us. 

How do you stay encourage when faced everyday with harassment and intimidation? When reaching out for help seems to be of no avail, against the abuse of harassers. What do you do? You don't give up hope.  Keep learning and speaking out on predatory behavior for others and yourself.  In time, progress will be made.

Until action is taken, make a decision to take comfort in uncomfortable situations. Recognize abuse is not your fault, but the offenders. Seek out safe people to help through the pain process. There is a part of you that no one can take.  The name written on your soul cannot be exchanged, removed, or voided. It will repair itself from pain, suffering, and even abuse.

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