Saturday, June 2, 2012

Music To Sooth Soul After A Wreck

Seattle (ESTRA) - Music to sooth your soul provides relief from harassment, intimidation, and daily stresses.  It's a relatively cheap escape and provides time to dream, romanticize, and takes your mind any place it wants to go. 

Relax To Music Instead Of Getting Irritated As Harassers Jump In Front. 
Furthermore, it's nice to renew your spirit, listen to new and old songs, explore different genre or expand your horizon.  Harassment and intimidation should not be a major focus in your life. You are more important.  Abuse by bullies will keep you down if that's all you do.  A more rewarding idea is to become an advocate of change for ERISA reform, so insurance companies and self-insured employers can no longer intimidate insureds. It is a  better use of time. 

But right now, listen to music and chill.  Meditate on where to go from here and where you've come from.  Think how to improve your life over a light relaxing song or a very energetic one.

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Music to sooth your soul makes you want to sing, dance, and smile, if only in your mind.  Be adventurous, creative, and let your essence flow to new places.  

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Insurers do delay payments in hopes to discourage Insured. All of us standing together can turn these behaviors around. We don’t have to put up with this individually or as a country. We are millions strong, with great minds and creativity. Harassment and intimidation by Insurers can be stopped. How? By each individual who’s been preyed upon after filing Auto Insurance, ERISA, LTD, and Social Security Claims join me, ESTRA to pass Insured Civil Rights Legislation. This will end Insurers ability to keep benefits and settlements by making Insured Disability Surveillance Targets. Best Recovery Wishes, ESTRA