Friday, August 31, 2018

What To Do When A Target

 Seattle (ESTRA) - No one expects to become a target. Ask Paul Manafort or Micheal Cohen five years ago if they would not have thought this day would come, when they would be targets of an investigation for the world to see.  We cannot predict when life will take us to task, yet being prepared for whatever comes ones way is one of the best survival methods.  

This is also true when a car wreck happens. The day before may be best days of your life, and next one the worst.  Often times processing car accidents takes time physically when pain and suffering screams out from parts of anatomy unrecognized until hurt.  Or when your mind is back to previous day before car collision and wants to function normally, yet on this day, it's no longer possible. 

Dysfunctional while scrambling to figure out what's up and down, a new set of problems come into play. Support and advocacy by those who promised to protect and assist act more as an adversary than those providing assistance. A lost sinking feeling may prevail when realizing you have become their target instead of customer. 

What can you do when a target? Decide to be a fast learner. Choose to believe in you and design a mission to get through the struggles facing. What kind of attacks will come?

First, realized you've been profiled and tracked in hopes of providing information that will help the case of Insurance Companies, Employers, Long-Term Disability, or Social Security Disability, not pay Insured Claims. Theses organizations have been at this for years or decades, while people in car wrecks tend to start out clueless.  This is O.K. Everyone must start from somewhere.  What is critical to keep in mind are insurer agendas placed in your path. Buckling under their pressure will create an opening to hurt claim and personal quality of life.  Often Social Security, Employer or Insurance strategies may get intense in order to eliminate claims.  Therefore, do not follow their direction, only your own.  Create your own intensity by sharing what they have done to you, how you've been harmed, and by deciding not to give up regardless of the physical, emotional, of financial abuse they often inflict.  

When you develop your own strategy to endure bullying practices and decide to come up with ideas  how to get through hurdles, you will make it through whatever is thrown your way.  Trust and believe in you.  Makes it clear in your own mind that fighting and advocating for self makes a difference in refusing to be bullied. 

Secondly, by knowing some of the actions taken in order to cause chaos which attempts to get you off balance, recognize when these target tactics are used upon you:

  1. Strangers are constantly coming up to you and asking personal questions.
  2. Whenever in public, you are being followed.
  3. You are seeing the same people over and over again.
  4. You are seeing the same license plates every day.
  5. Public harassment and intimidation begin.
  6. You vehicles has been opened after being locked.
  7. Surveillance Equipment is often jammed by harassers not wanting to be seen.
  8. The locks on your residence doesn't keep them out.
  9. Law Enforcement begins to harass and intimidate.
  10. Suddenly you receive financial notices.
  11. You are being followed into Doctor's Offices.
  12. Vehicles are passing your residence every 30 minutes.
  13. New people are in the neighborhood, walking pass residence.
  14. Reckless drivers almost cause collisions, or do cause collisions.
  15. Laptop, Cellphone, and Television face constant hacking.
  16. This is a long, long, list of tactics faced when a target.
This is why you must make the decision to do what is in your best interest. Advocate for self. Their numbers may be large, but you will always be able to choose a course of action that provides healing, support, and advocacy for your goals.  Stay on track with a purpose and fight against being bullied with a vengeance. 

-ESTRA Seattle

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