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Shaming and Bullying Insured by Insurers

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Seattle (ESTRA) -Everyday millions of people contact their Insurance Companies to file Auto Accidents, Medical, Disability, or Long-Term Care. Many of these individuals have paid into these companies for decades.  In their minds, this is a safety net in case needing help.  But is this true?  Will these Insurers be there in direr time of requiring support?

Fortunately, some will be there for you.  However it’s the Insurance Companies who won’t pay that may be the one that takes down your household.  When contacting Insurer, do they immediately attempt to discourage you from filing a claim?  Do they use words such as, “We will be the ones who determine if your claim is paid.”  Sense you are already getting the run around? Insurer says, “We will send you out a claim application” rather than directing to their online site where you can access the information immediately?  Another indication of their interest in dealing fairly is level of questioning.  Did you feel you had done something wrong in calling them and asking for help? Did they make you feel situation is your fault? These are all signs of a greedy Insurance Company, and you may fall victim to their tactics not to pay your claim.

Yes it’s hard to believe a company you trust in fact placed your life in their hands at vulnerable times would take advantage of you.  Sadly, often Insurance Commissioners in many States do little to support needs of Insured.  Their hands are often tied by the power and money Insurance Companies currently have in this and most other countries.  Some Insurers hold money so tightly regardless of promise made after paying Insurance Premiums in case of unexpected emergencies, insured are squeezed and pressured so firmly many loose hope in getting Insurance Benefits.

Instead of being shattered by Insurance Greed and placed in a compromising position, choose instead to fight back.  Shaming Insured is one viable method used by Insurers to keep hurting people quiet.  Many families lose all they have in their attempts to stay afloat.  Make a difference choice: speak up and speak out.  Don’t see these companies as “all powerful” because they are not unless you allow them to be in your mind.  Remember it is your resources which allowed them to become who they are today.  You have no reason to feel ashamed.  Stand up and file Insurance Claim. What can you expect them to do? If Insurer has integrity, claim will be evaluated honestly. They will share their findings with you and expedite claim so they aid in eliminating suffering, not increasing troubles.  If they are indeed there to help and protect your interest, their actions will reflect this to be true.

Check online complaints about how they treat policyholders. Do they have a reputation of not paying Policyholders filing claims? Move to another Insurance Company known for taking care of their Insured. Why pay Insurance Company that cares nothing about your troubles?

How can we do something about this as millions of Insured? We can support Insured Civil Rights Legislation which equalizes the power currently exploited by some Insurance Companies.  In other words, this legislation will put in place laws which protect you from unfair practices of Insurance Companies.  Can Insurers be objective when the money giving out is cash they want to keep? Why are there currently so many laws working on their behalf? The vast money spent by Insurance Lobbyist for Congress.  We’ve got to get fair and just legislation that is not so one sided against individuals filing Auto Insurance Claims.  Are you ready to help change injustice far too many people face when filing Insurance Claims? 

Start by simply signing up to help get Insured Civil Rights Legislation passed, and change current laws for better protections you, family, neighbor, and community members dealing with Insurance Claims can expect. The bullying by Insurance Companies has to stop. The shaming tactics has to stop.  We are the only ones who can do this by standing up. Join the fight for change today.  No one needs more sorrow at times of suffering.

Thanks for joining the fight for Insured Civil Rights Legislation. Sign up at

-         ESTRA Seattle

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