Friday, May 19, 2017

State Constitution Basics For Everyday People Series Part 2

Seattle (ESTRA) - Many Policyholders find themselves in a position of ignorance by design. The less we know about how to protect ourselves, the easier it is for us to be abused.  But guess what? Those days are coming to an end, because we want to educate and protect ourselves.   By starting with basic of State Constitution fundamentals separating truth from fiction means deception, lies, or misrepresentation won’t work anymore. 

You can understand State Constitution Basics 101 and Frequently Asked Questions as you will see upon completion of this Series. The day of being a victim ends and standing up for what is right, fair, and just begins!

If you have wondered why most Insurance Companies transfer court cases to Federal Court versus State Court, the rules often lean in their favor versus cases being tried in State Court.  So don’t be surprised when Insurers move it where they have an edge where injustice often prevails.

From my perspective, power is something we all have and choose to use in the way we see fit.  Political Power in January was demonstrated by The People Marching to keep Obamacare.  Yes this is power. So is Speaker Ryan’s determination to take it from you by presenting his own healthcare, and Trump supporting this efforts when it’s not what the people want. 

So the fight for power continues in Town Halls across America.  We don’t want this new plan and will continue to fight against it because it hurt us.  When we give up our power to others unjust and unfair actions such as greed becomes promoted in America.  As long as we continue to fight for what is right, like Insured Civil Rights Legislation, protections will eventually bend toward justice.  It’s a right we will continually have to fight for in each generation, because there will always be someone ready to take what isn’t theirs. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if dignity was added to Personal Rights? How often are people stripped of this valuable possession due to the greed of others? 

Personal Rights is how we shall get Insured Civil Rights Legislation passed.  We must show that we will stand against the injustices many face when denied Insurance Benefits, Settlements, or deal with Surveillance as a reprisal or punishment when standing up for our rights.

Are you ready to join the fight? Your signature will be needed to bring this to legislation up for a vote.  Be ready to stand up for yourself and others who have faced these same issues for decades. We deserve the respect and dignity promised when we signed up for Insurance before a collision, letting Insurers creep by without doing what is right must change.

We have the right to assemble. Sometimes a permit is required to do so, and police bring batons, sprays, military equipment, for intimidation purposes, yet we as citizens of this country have the right to peacefully protest.  I’m not sure what Law Enforcement chooses for their causes to stand. 

My question is:  Why police actions typically protect the interest of Wall Street not citizens out in the street standing for change?  In my opinion, Police Power is in the wrong place.  Their actions should be neutral, fair, and just.

How many places have you felt censorship on what you say?  Conformance prevents many people from growing into who they really are and greater sacrifice in eliminating who you would become.  Yet remember, in this country so far, you indeed have the right of Free Speech. 

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