Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sad On Easter Sunday

Seattle (ESTRA) - In distance past, the main topic on Easter Sunday was The Resurrection of Christ, families heading off to Church with an Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard after Services.  There remained a hopefulness that God was still in control and one could get through life no matter what struggles comes ones way.

Today, however, seems to be a lot different.  Hope has gone by the wayside, faith seems to be waning from too much suffering and disappointment. Bad things seem to be on the way in while good things seem to be on their way out.  How did we get here as a country?  What does a future of sadness hold for far too many people?

From an American perspective, the last economic downturn placed significant suffering on lots of people.  Many are still trying to recover to this day.  And as if this wasn’t bad enough, Wall Street who caused the problems recovered from their mistakes and left rest of country behind.
For global companies there is more money to be made outside United States and many corporations forgot who helped build their wealth, leaving far too many people behind instead of bringing them along.  The trail of wounded citizens left behind spreads all over United States. 

What happens when leaders forsake those who follow them? High levels of discouragement, hopelessness, lack of trust, and cynicism. You may be surprised another option is available:  Make decision to heal burden, broken hearts.  

Sometimes placing faith in the wrong things, human flaws revealed causing loss of direction, makes life hard. Therefore, creating a world where looking out for one another seems obsolete. 

Stability and safety use to seem like a right and not a privilege.  Yet often they are gifts unrecognized until lost.  We must remember this world is not our home, and can be very unpredictable.  We can choose however, to make each day our best, work with what we have, and stay hopeful regardless of the circumstances.

Many may feel forsake this Easter Holiday and view The Resurrection of Jesus Christ does not apply. People have forgotten that you can give all troubles in your heart to Him.  It easy to take those first steps by being open to His Words, thinking about their meaning, wondering how they apply in life.  This allows Jesus Christ to reveal himself in your heart and reside in your soul.  What will He bring? His Holy Spirit’s healing ointment and repair the damage done by this world we live in and allow you to share new hope and goodness replacing old discouragement and despair. 

A Bible Verse in Romans 4:3 says it best:
“He [Abraham] trusted God to set him right instead of trying to be right on his own.” – The Message Bible
There is much to look forward to in this world before we pass on, especially when each of us leave it better than when we arrived.  We can do this by learning to lean on Jesus Christ, continue the good fight to make this world a better place for those around you and next generation, learn from mistakes, and by promoting kindness, sharing, and love.  These actions are invaluable to everyday life.

Take a moment and look beyond your own problems. Problems are a part of living but don’t allow them to exploit life.  Concentrate on things important to Jesus Christ each day and watch how much more is accomplished for personal goals.  This doesn’t mean ignoring realities requiring actions.  It means looking beyond troubles, set path for the future that lends itself to positive outlooks in midst of troubles and viable dreams while here on planet earth.

This lends itself to remembering The Resurrection of Jesus Christ, His Holy Spirit being close enough to hold you up in darkest of times, like after experiencing a car collision, and the faith to keep you moving forward with hope in your future.

Happy Easter, In His Resurrection that brings Freedom.


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