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Congress and Insurance Industry

Seattle (ESTRA) - Fairness and equality in insurance benefits and settlements, regardless whether they are coming from public or private companies, is the right of policyholders.  Policyholder votes for those in Congress who support Insured Civil Rights Legislation can demonstrate that this is an important matter. 

The number of hurting families who sit and wait at home wondering when they will receive benefits to care for their family is unnecessary suffering.  When the power and influence of an industry gets to decide, if and when benefits are paid out, when it’s in their best interest to keep the money, is wrong.  Isn’t this just too much power for one industry? 

Money and power of the Insurance Industry is impacting many areas of Main Street’s life. Does this extent to control over Congress which is supposed to protect and serve this country? 

When was the last time Congress thought about you as an injured person dealing car accident issues?  Have they cared about how your life is going?  Have they protected you from Bad Faith Insurance practices of Auto Insurance Companies, Employers, or Social Security Disability? Congress gives Insurance Industry protections and subsidies.  There is much publicity on Health Insurance while Auto, Disability, and Life Insurance concerns are just as blatant. It’s time to speak up on these other insurance areas.

Congress provides special tax breaks for all Insurance Companies. Do you hear legislators talking about benefits they have given insurers?  Perhaps it’s due to policyholders being left out and must survive in the best way you know how without the help promised by some of these companies. 

Far too many Injured are on the losing side and cannot get the support or a fair claim process after a collision.  Congress do something about this injustice.  If you can do subsidies, provide tax breaks, and listen to Insurance Lobbyist at every turn, one would think you could take a moment to consider the needs of policyholders. 

What does Congress think about the Insurance Industry?  Bill H. R. 5143 (House of Representatives 2015-2016), Transparent Insurance Standards Act of 2016, gives a clue.

“The State-based system for insurance regulation in the United States has served American consumers well for more than 150 years and has fostered an open and competitive marketplace with a diversity of insurance products to the benefit of policyholders and consumers.”

My question is what world do they live in? Have their families been subject to delayed, denied, or terminated insurance contracts?  Have they suffered because of a lack of resources when benefits are not paid?  If they do not see the problems, perhaps we need to bring them to Congress for them to have a better understanding.

State based systems have failed policyholders. How are state run agencies compete against global insurance companies with enough power and influence to stomp out any legislation state initiatives can bring forth, if they too have not fallen under the controls of Wall Street?

Diversity?  Really? How many of these insurance companies are not related in some way? Where did Geico come from? Bershire Hathaway. Wall Street has become one major monopoly. How can policyholders get a fair shake when many of these companies use the same games to hold on to insured benefits?  Go to any court house in America and review the lawsuits against these companies and you will see that they win their cases from using the same legislation, which is unfair to policyholders.  There is no diversity to speak of in this industry. 

“Protecting policyholders by regulating to ensure an insurer’s ability to pay claims has been the hallmark of the successful United States system and should be the paramount objective of domestic prudential regulation and emerging international standards.”

Who are these people? Do they only spend time in Washington D.C. with Insurance Lobbyist? Do they go home and talk with their constituents? Have they watched the number of comments whenever there is a documentary on this problem? Or are they just ignoring a major problem faced by Main Street in order to accommodate Wall Street? What numbers are Congress looking at? Can’t they see the number of people who are hurting due to their poor decision making on this matter?

Perhaps this is due to not hearing the cries of the people they are supposed to be helping. One thing is for sure, Congress needs a wake-up call today.  Call them at (202) 224-3121, they obviously need to hear from you.

“United States officials participating in discussions or negotiations regarding international insurance standards shall support standards designed for the protection of policyholders.”

Yes the American Insurance Industry has open up abroad, and more than likely will do the same things to people they insure elsewhere in the world.  But if Congress cannot protect its own people, how can they expect to help others on a global scale.  When Congress listens more to Insurance Lobbyist than they citizens they hurt, this is a problem for Americans, and is not a good idea to place them in such a powerful position around the world.  The actions and behaviors cannot be ignored. For if they are, more and more people will not receive their benefits or settlements, and these empowers will continue to grow at rapid paces, which will make it more difficult to quench their money thirst. 

The purpose of insurance was for protection against harm.  When insurance companies themselves begin to induce pain and suffering, in my opinion, their service is no longer viable.  Car accident victims don’t need more torture through delays, harassment, or denials.  They need will genuine help, by those willing to play by the rules they themselves have created.  Congress stop aligning yourself with the Insurance Industry and do the jobs you were place there for, to protect and serve the United States of America.

Car Accidents often change lives, or at least have an impact on driving.  Have you notice there are no non-profit agencies in the United States to help people involved in collisions?  Why? In my opinion this is due to keeping the injured isolated, confused, and worried about their futures.  This creates a masterful control over the actions of policyholders and a reliance on those who control whether insured will receive benefits or settlements.

This however can change, starting with us today.  Call Congress at (202) 224-3121 and ask for Insured Civil Rights Legislation support.  This means puts in place protections for you the policyholder.  Taking a stand against denied insurance benefits, or having benefits delayed so significantly that financial difficulties cause extended suffering in the injured person’s life, is not acceptable. By saying, Congress we are watching the legislation passed for the Insurance Industry and Policyholders which lets us know who you are working for, and it’s not car accident victims. A change is required in the way legislation has been written only protect Wall Street.  It is time to request your help for Main Street. 

Stay safe, well, and determined.  

- ESTRA Seattle
“Car Accident Settlements from Insurance Companies, Employers, and SSDI Matter.”

Seattle (ESTRA) – Each and everyday lives are changed due to a collision. Sometimes it’s their fault.  Other times the other driver.  Yet, what we all depend upon is our insurance companies being faithful to us.  In order for this to be true, there can be no back doors, such as surveillance or clauses in their contracts that hurt policyholders.  The only way to ensure the safety net for Policyholders is for Congress to enact Insured Civil Rights Legislation.  What does this mean? It means if you pay premiums and are hurt, they pay, period. Help me to help all of us end the suffering of unfair practices in order to eliminate legitimate insurance claims by Insurance Companies, Employers, and Social Security Disability.  Thank you! – ESTRA

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