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Insurance Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle #8 Answers

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“Car Accident Settlements from Insurance Companies, Employers, and SSDI Matter.”

Seattle (ESTRA) – Each and everyday lives are changed due to a collision. Sometimes it’s their fault.  Other times the other driver.  Yet, what we all depend upon is our insurance companies being faithful to us.  In order for this to be true, there can be no back doors, such as surveillance or clauses in their contracts that hurt policyholders.  The only way to ensure the safety net for Policyholders is for Congress to enact Insured Civil Rights Legislation.  What does this mean? It means if you pay premiums and are hurt, they pay, period. Help me to help all of us end the suffering of unfair practices in order to eliminate legitimate insurance claims by Insurance Companies, Employers, and Social Security Disability.  Thank you! – ESTRA

Insurance Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle #8 Answers

Seattle (ESTRA) - In order to stay up and address issues regarding an insurance car accident claim, learning vocabulary will help understand what's in front of you and respond accordingly. Learning doesn't have to be difficult, in fact, ESTRA Crossword Puzzles is a fun way to do just that simply and with ease.

If having trouble getting the hang of it, go to answers and gain greater understanding, then proceed to filling in answers. The goal is to make educating yourself and being best advocate comfortable and rewarding.

Please take a moment and write your comments down below.  This will help me design puzzles that continue to help you get through car accident journeys. 

Thank you!  - ESTRA Seattle

Social Security Disability Surveillance: Greed or Fraud?

Seattle (ESTRA) - Why does Wall Street like to prey on the weakest individuals or those without the ability to protect themselves?  Regardless of level of power and resources obtained by wealthiest Americans in the world, it never seems enough.

Generation upon generation of the poor are often treated as past slaves.  The more poor people try to get even, rarely getting ahead, there comes something to block their path.

Now Social Security Administration is opening up 54 Units to help Wall Street in their task to oppress disabled more.  These 54 Units primarily is task with surveillance of people on Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Why would Congress create such a bill to be enforced?  Is this due to Wall Street loosing money placed into Social Security by working Americans and now need to replace those funds?  Is it due to Social Security documentation not being as clear as it should be today for disabled to understand?  There was a time America was so wealthy they looked down on the funding of Social Security and recipients.  Now that Wall Street has done a number on this country, it looks like platinum to be used for the next Stock Market crash.

Where will these new 54 Surveillance Units placed in the United States seeking money for Wall Street? Is it a sign of greed or fraud? A clue could be who tend to be the victims in these types of cases. The haves versus the have not’s fair quite differently in most of these cases. 

One of the reasons why it is difficult for insurance policyholders to defend themselves against attacks by Insurance Companies, Employers, or Social Security is that the average person has no clue about deviant level which can be used against them.  Policyholders are told to be honest and truthful above of all else or face the consequences of a system that is already set up against them. Personally, I believe most people are honest and forthright.  Therefore, this is no great leap for most policyholders.

Yet when place in a position to compete with those having a strategy about how to protect their interest, money, power, and influence against many clueless policyholders, it’s more like an eagle against a worm.  There really isn’t much competition.  In fact, there is not safety in numbers, when policyholders do not recognize their ability as a group to stand up for benefits from these entities.  Until Policyholders begin to evaluate these insurers and their tactics used to keep benefits that belong to insured, it may be a long road back to fair and justice treatment for many recipients.

When bully tactics are used against single policyholders while insurance, employers, or SSA use their vast resources against a single policyholders or working together against an insured, who would not feel like a worm?  Or even act like one for that matter.  Frankly it is highly understandable.  A worm has no protections except going underground.  In the case of a policyholder that means submission, even when in the right.   Any of these entities can stop the small stream of money that flows into Policyholders pockets used for survival.  This may be viewed as a new terrorism American Style, which places many vulnerable people in a worst position, without any support to help them stand on their own merits, which in many cases may be a great deal justice.

Who controls the money in many instances, controls how things will go with a claim with any of these organizations.  Consider the education, legal, community, and brand recognition of these companies.  Who has equal resources as a policyholder in comparison to any of these three?  Very few people, in fact, if they did, I suspect there would not be a problem in dealing with these companies, due to a policyholder’s ability to fight back.

Imagine being a policyholder expecting your monthly benefit payment from insurance company, employer, or Social Security.  Without any previous warning, the money expected for your monthly bills doesn’t come.  And after calling insurer, you don’t get a good reason why it’s not there.  How fearful would you be?  What would you do or say to get the help back in place? Would you feel in control of your life? What if you were threatened with fraud?  And on top of this, you are not well, you are sick or disabled. To make matters worse, no one is there to help you. As you can imagine these policyholders are in a world of hurt.  Let’s assume an insurer says, sign here to get your benefits back in placed, what would you do?  How much do you know about your rights? The more questions I ask here, the more you can see how complicated a decision becomes.

First, many poor and middle class policyholders have already been trained on how to react by our society from being treated as second class citizens.  What if you believe that you are a second class citizen, how would you respond to insurers? As powerful gods, who now control your world?  Or as David and Goliath story and get your rocks out and start throwing?

The psychology of surveillance is a damaging experience to those already suffering and in pain. Why would any company make this more difficult? Two words:  money and greed.  Even at expense of those with little of either one of these.  Our current societal structure is set up to take money back given out each month to poor people.  The money is given out at the beginning of the month and taken back by the people who gave it by the end of the month.  Far too many people with few resources are targeted and victimized in hopes of returning it to original keepers.  By the time food, rent, phone, car insurance, and credit cards are paid off, rarely is there a cent left to save in most cases.

Now add House Bill 3482 by 114th Congress that adds 54 Investigative Units for Disability Surveillance in order to take money back from legitimate policyholders. Where does Congress and Social Security want this money to go? How much are they spending in hopes of accomplishing their goals?  How many Insurance or Self-Insured Employer Lobbyist convinced them this is a worthy goal and why?  Only Congress and the Social Security Administration can answer for their actions to hurt Disabled recipients on SSDI or SSI.

Has Wall Street flip Social Security Administration?  Are they no longer a viable agency to stands up for its insured? Have they been turned by Wall Street greed for more money for the Stock Market? How many more victims will there be from this Social Security Disability Surveillance project?

Far too many people receiving Social Security Disability through SSDI and SSI have been ostracized for generations from stereotype that do not apply.  Is SSA now using these slogans to harm the people they are supposed to be protecting? They have the statistics that show whom insured are, and recipients do not reflect these derogatory perceptions.

Yet, many SSDI and SSI individuals live with these biases every day and must fight against them.  The stature of these organization place a unfair advantage against the people they are coming up against unjustly in order to profit those who frankly, already receive enough government contracts, tax deductions, and are in too close of contact with those not looking out for even their own insured. 

The next time you hear an article about a disabled person being scrutinized, I challenged you to look behind the rhetoric and ask who will benefit financially from these actions.  The resources provided in most cases are not enough for a disabled person to survive on, there is not great wealth in insured benefits checks. This is a struggling life for most.

However, if Wall Street puts all the money together, this haven may provide them with the gambling money needed for another adventure. The disabled must hold on to self-pride and respect and choose to become educated about current legal rights, albeit few compared to these corporations, and speak up for individual concerns, but also for all people receiving Social Security.

Personally, I know the devastation and the deceptive tactics that often used against poor and middle class disabled.  To stand up today means, less suffering for sick and disabled in the future by these same surveillance and greed tactics.
You are larger than you think.  If you do not stand up for yourself, there may not be anyone else who will. However, if you stand up with all the people who have been wronged by surveillance, harassment, intimidation, non-payments, stopped payment, slick talking, psychological warfare, yes, this is another endless list, the point is your body counts, your pain and suffering matter, but you will have to stand with others just like you to put an end to this practice of Wall Street running everything in American, including Social Security Administration. 

Insurance is supposed to be a practice that protects in the worst circumstances, not one the makes it worst, especially when paying for these services.  Far too many citizens have not received fair and just settlements by Insurance Companies and Self-Insured Employers. Now they want to add Social Security Disability Surveillance Fraud as a tool in their arsenal at policyholder’s expense for Wall Street. Don’t stand still for this, be sure to support Insured Civil Right Legislation, put an end to the hurt and shaming to be imposed on a segmented population that already has far too much of this being unfairly thrown at them.

-ESTRA Seattle

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