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ESTRA Policyholder Crossword Puzzle #7 Answers

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“Car Accident Settlements from Insurance Companies, Employers, and SSDI Matter.”

Seattle (ESTRA) – Each and everyday lives are changed due to a collision. Sometimes it’s their fault.  Other times the other driver.  Yet, what we all depend upon is our insurance companies being faithful to us.  In order for this to be true, there can be no back doors, such as surveillance or clauses in their contracts that hurt policyholders.  The only way to ensure the safety net for Policyholders is for Congress to enact Insured Civil Rights Legislation.  What does this mean? It means if you pay premiums and are hurt, they pay, period. Help me to help all of us end the suffering of unfair practices in order to eliminate legitimate insurance claims by Insurance Companies, Employers, and Social Security Disability.  Thank you! – ESTRA

Policyholder Crossword Puzzle #7 Answers

Seattle (ESTRA) - Today's Policyholder must be better educated about their Insurance Contracts. Knowing what the fine print says and how it will impact your daily life after personal injury can mean the difference between a life of poverty and being able to get by.  ESTRA Policyholder Crossword Puzzle #7 helps to bridge this gap by introducing fundamental terminology and experiences most insured experience while being involved with Insurance Companies, Employer ERISA Benefits, and Social Security Disability.  

Please take a moment and write your comments down below.  This will help me design puzzles that continue to help you get through car accident journeys.  

Thank you!  - ESTRA Seattle 

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