Thursday, February 18, 2016

ERISA Insurance Policyholders and Justice

Justice for Insurance Policyholders will happen when Congress stands up for citizens.
Seattle (ESTRA) - As I looked through the internet seeking out cases where ERISA Insurance Policyholders were victorious in their claims or lawsuits against major Wall Street Insurance and Employer Corporations, as expected, I found far too many links that would lead you astray from real answers.  I look forward towards a future when online information will be less hidden by those who have something to loose such as power and influence, versus those seeking the facts in order to protect themselves.  

The ability to find answers and seek justice should be available to all citizens, not just those who can afford it.  When only individuals who can purchase what they want in a society have the privilege to do so, the country as a whole will be weakened and the majority, which is Main Street, will lack knowledge to keep this country strong and fight for the rights of those who need it most, the average American.   

Shouldn’t we all be able to see real results?  By verifying whether our justice system is working for us all?  How much do you know about what is going on in our court systems? Is this information protected for a selected few?  The rights of our laws are designed to make this country open and free to all, with the same privileges for all?  This reality will happen when each of us make this a goal.  Or was it always designed for a few, keeping far too many of us ignorant to how things work with police, courts, or legislation on local, state, and federal levels?  

Isn’t time for everyday citizens to learn what really happens daily with Insurance Policyholders when filing claims with Insurance Companies, Employers, or Social Security Disability?  Shouldn’t we know who really is at the helm of all these organization? Are they really looking out for policyholders or corporate profits?  How are insurance policyholders really fairing under ERISA, and what protections are making a difference?   

"ERISA Reform is needed today, not tomorrow" - ESTRA

In 2011, when I first began talking about ERISA's impact on Insurance Policyholders not doing well against their employers or insurance companies, the information seemed far and few between on the rights of employees seeking fair and equitable treatment from their insured.  There seemed to be a quietness and somberness on the part of employees who became sick or injured who opened claims regarding their conditions with employers.  Promoting a silent tolerance towards the suffering of policyholders who were caught in strongholds of Wall Street Corporation to keep their hurt, pain, and losses away from those who could do something about these actions.  Fortunately, these injured voices are perhaps becoming louder.  When unfair or bad faith actions of corporations become more obvious for all policyholders to see due to voices of the injured speaking out, more everyday citizens begin to pay attention, because more people begin to realize that you could be them.  The more each of us pays attention to injustice, the more attention will be drawn to an issue, and the scope and suffering of benefits taken at 24 months after payment, is far too common of a tactic by insured.   

Today, most ERISA Lawsuits are concerns of Wall Street Corporations (although I have notice an increase in cases regarding Employee Benefits).  Frankly, Main Street doesn’t have the resources, community support, or knowledge to take on injustice at this time.  Wall Street has kept this information at a distance and Main Street is behind the ball, so to speak on their rights and how to fight these conglomerates as a group or class action lawsuit.  It is still very important to try when coming up against injustice. In my opinion, the more cases brought to trial, the greater awareness will grow, and hopefully tip the scales of justice back to a level of equality for everyone involved.  

The uptick of ERISA Class Action Lawsuits due to pension concerns means paying extra close attention to what is happening with your pension funds.  As many found out in the last recession, 401 (k) can quickly become 201s.  In my opinion, the times of trusting employers to take care of your best interest are day’s gone bye.  

"Don’t trust your benefits to those more interested in keeping them." - ESTRA

Have you notice how many companies pay pennies on the dollar for their mistakes under ERISA Claims?  And, when many Insurance Policyholders win, they end up on the losing side when all is said and done, because the law is structured in Wall Street's favor. 

What does true justice look like today in America?  And will we as a society attain justice for all?  What will it take for America to become an inclusive society? I think the answer is simple, action must be taken by each of us.  First we must gain knowledge about our justice system and how it works today and significantly reduce how Wall Street manipulates the legal system in their favor.  Money and power cannot control the country’s destiny if everyone has the same standing.  The solutions to these problems can be found through our experiences, electing officials who will legislate fair laws and apply our constitution.  Money is a means to an end, but not our final destiny.  The goal is living to the best of our abilities, dealing with each other with respect, and honoring the dignity of each individual. 

I am encourage to see more people standing up and say, "ERISA Reform is needed today, not tomorrow".  The suffering faced by employees because of past ERISA changes which promoted profits for employers wasn’t the reason this legislation was enacted.  Let’s ask Congress to return it back to what it was meant to be: for the protections of employees, not for 24 months but for the full long-term disability.  

Again, it’s time for everyday citizens to get the 113th Congresses attentions for the needs of Main Street, or remove those who don't or won't help and elect someone who will protect Insurance Policyholders.  Don’t trust your benefits to those more interested in keeping them.  Be proactive.  Learn about your company’s practices and whom they choose to pay employee benefit if anyone at all.  

Remember the questions you ask today, may be the protections needed to help decide if the insurance plans participation are one trustworthy and just for you.  Ask the questions and keep eyes open to what may happen to you.  As a side note, the second Democratic Debate held in New Hampshire, both candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton acknowledge Congress is aware Insurance Companies have far too much power.  Insured Civil Rights Legislation is far overdue to protect us. 

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