Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016 SOTU President Still Standing

Seattle (ESTRA) –From looks on faces of those present at the 2016 State Of The Union, their reactions of applauds or silence seem to say more about true Washington D.C. overtones.  Considering the windstorms facing President Obama turning his seven years as President, frankly it's amazing anything has been accomplished, and indeed it has been one David versus Goliath battle.  From the beginning of the his term, the President made a decision to be known as one working for "all people", and perhaps his willing to "compromise" with those unwilling to budget an inch even to this very day, bruised his power and influence with those who love him most and wanting to support the President in many ways he wanted to stand up to the plate and make real change in our country.  Yet as an outsider of Washington D.C. politics with Wall Street at front and center for far too many holding Congressional positions the power and influence of decades of privilege is indeed difficult to overtake.  Have too many Americans sold out who they are for what these wealthy companies can give? How much of American has been bought out by wealth and greed by a few in order to gain the hearts and souls of those who typically have so little?  Especially compared to 1% of U.S. Citizens?  And why do more jobs open up near election time only to close down after an election?  Are far too many people wearing blinders to the true condition of our country?
Many Main Street voters wonder what really went wrong.  Why so many people all over the world hold President Obama in high esteem, with a trusted integrity and a willingness to do the right thing, why has the steam from the people become less strong, although many still stand by his side?  In my opinion the POTUS SOTU speech says it all by breaking it down into each sector of our economy which has too much power over what makes our country strong.  Until each of us decides voting is a right and privilege to keep our country safe from the inside and take up this responsibility seriously by learning about the issues and not the surface agendas which swing votes to the right or left, this 1% will continue leading the %99 around by hindering true growth for every day citizens, leaving far too many hopeless, rejected, in poverty, and the worse one, ignorance.

As you hear to the words of President Obama also observe the reactions from those he has tried to work with for the last 7 years.  For the President to still be standing after the hurdles thrown at him throughout his presidency, few would remain fighting for the goals and dreams to uplift America. 

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