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Healing Medicines Versus Coping Ones

November 28, 2015                                         Sunlight Publishing, LLC
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Seattle (ESTRA) - Daily remedies should aid in the healing process versus providing a crutch which delays facing the concerns of everyday life.  Is there so much confusion today that it’s hard to tell them apart?  Has pharmaceutical companies dug so deep into citizens pockets that is has become difficult to get them out?  Blending what is healing and coping so intertwined who can tell them apart? 

Chronic pain patients face this struggle.  When injury becomes a disability, sufferers endure physical pain which requires some form of relief in most cases.  This can also lead to emotional and financial problems due to a lack of resources both for health and daily living.  As a society are we moving into healthy patterns of medical recovery?  Especially for those having their life turned upside down after a car wreck?

President Obama has taken great interest in our country’s heroin epidemic.  Let’s hope he doesn’t throw out the baby with the bath water so to speak.  There are many people who suffer through chronic pain, me included, which means pain medication is used to help move through rough physical days. It seems as if the least of us are hurt most often when solutions are sought.  It is time for better ideas for changing systems which protect the interest of all the people in our society.  When narcotics were place in Black Neighborhoods in the sixties, there was no outcry until it reached White Middle Class America.  Now that the wealthiest families are feeling this addiction affliction, the trumpets are being blown, so to speak and the Calvary runs in an attempt to solve the problem.
Here is my personal suggestion: Consider that all American lives do matter when it comes to resolving problems.  Many of today’s issues could be solved if dealt with when first becoming a problem, regardless which economic class issues arise. 

When problems are ignored for years or decades, such as concerns Black Lives Matter Movement has once again brought up (the inequalities faced by far too many Black People in America) to the surface, demonstrates how concerns only grow into larger ones.  The same is true for addiction crisis, unemployment, homelessness, wage stagnation, and even hunger today.  By ignoring real problems this only creates larger ones into the future.

Is the reason why problems are created and then ignored due to profiteering? Do those people in power make significant amounts of money off the pain and suffering from those least able to afford it? 

In my opinion constant ads to promote activities which lead down the trail of addiction is displayed to each generation.  Then once addicted blame falls upon the person who fell for fairy tale stories about the drug.  Shouldn’t some responsible fall upon those who created the illusion?  Whatever is Wall Street’s leaning, it is promoted daily via commercials constantly.  Brainwashing has become a common denominator in manipulation these days.

Instead of being hoodwink, perhaps thinking about ways to resolve problems may be a better alternative.  For example, Americans have started saving again.  This indicates to me that false pretenses of using credit in ways which has made slaves out of too many citizens with exorbitant interest rates, maybe a trend reversing itself. 

Perhaps the trust Wall Street has taken for granted from Main Street is diminishing.  Taking advantage of people can only last so long.  But will there be new ads? Like other tricks of the Wall Street trade?  Or will suffering experience by the Poor and Middle Class continue to carry these stories for generations to come?  Only time will tell if facts will defeat fairy tales. 

When your state is holds elections remember to vote. It’s time for Poor People to participate in election process.  Otherwise, who will represent you? Who will care about your interest and families?  Without your participation in electoral process government resources will not be a return in investments for you, but those who need it the least.  The time for silence has long past.  The only way to create common sense solutions to physical recovery, addictions, or ensuring Social Security Disability is there in the future, is for you to act. 

This responsibility is on you and no one else. Citizens helping to change world not only for themselves makes a more just place for all "the people".

When individuals take as much responsibility for their lives as possible, it adds pride and dignity to life.  However, it must come from opportunities to thrive.  Productive medications help people with injuries, disability, or sickness do better than without them.  They aid in the healing process of individuals and families that tend to support injured and disabled.  If these individuals or families members become too burden down with daily problems, sickness, or disease, with few coping mechanism to support them through troubles, some may choose to use medications in a way not intended which hinder abilities for growth and progress. 

Inner strength, determination, courage, support, emotional intelligence is one combination used  for dealing with issues common in life. When communities, corporations, and families seek ways to help those dealing with insurmountable task which exceed their capabilities, it bonds us as a country, instills greater understanding, and provides what is learned to make life better.  Yes, we all have something to contribute to this world if given the opportunity. 

It doesn’t take a long time to look around and see a hurting world.  Food shortages at food banks say a lot about the condition of our local communities.  When our government shows more interest in developing Wall Street projects at expense of state needs and requirements, in my opinion we have a problem in Congress.  Why would a Republican, Democrat, or Independent for that matter choose to allow average citizens lack of develop to the degrees in which we see it in our communities today?

Why would Congress continue to cut budgets for those who have so little?  Should they not be ashamed of their actions?  How would Congress have the nerve now to ask for your vote when doing so little for you?  How smart would you be giving it to them?

The question becomes how does this relate to healing medicines versus coping ones?  It means the American people have been failed.  Have we failed ourselves by not demanding our rights as citizens?  Have we failed by not voting in people who care to protect and serve "the people"?  Have we failed ourselves by looking the other way for problems that initially did not concern us?  Have we failed by putting riches before human value and integrity?  One cannot approach this concern without first looking inward.  From my perspective, many of our concerns today have stemmed from losses.  There have been far too many downturns in Poor and Middle Class, leaving hurting people to fend for themselves.  We have gone from commercials of diamond rings to toe fungus.  My, my, my, what a drop from grace.  Are we too ashamed to look at our current condition?  Have today’s pressures left us too weak for facing the obstacles before us?  Don’t want to admit just how far we have fallen?  Nothing can or will change unless we look into the mirror, make a decision to take a stand for all the people, regardless of the burdens carried. 

Most of us do not get far on our own.  It takes citizens deciding justice must be served on a plate that is shared by us all, by choosing not stand by while injustice of any sorts prevails on any sector of our society.  Each of us taking small steps in an area of interest will move us towards a better destiny.  Currently, there is no shortage of topics that do not need support.

Advocating for insurance policyholders is important to me.  I had no idea before my last collision why this area is so important.  Once learning how bad faith insurance tactics hurt so many people, it’s difficult to stand by and not share my experience.  So it will be for your passion.  Whether the actions are due to personal experiences or natural inclination, with each and every breath continue the uphill climb.  They key is to act upon it today.  What you have to give is invaluable and part of your legacy.  Perhaps you have learned great coping skills in order to move through adversity.  Sharing these tools with others with injury, sickness, disability, or other everyday struggles will rebuild this nation to a stature that brings a new hope, encouragement, and opportunity that will give way to people using medicines in ways that hurt instead of heal. 

A caring and loving concern for individuals goes a long way in repairing broken and troubled hearts.  Mending America means looking where we are right now on an individual, family, community, and country basis, taking the challenge to do all we can that make improvements and help each other.

Frankly, returning to a capitalistic society that remembers its roots of family value, work ethics, and helping each other would put keeping up with "The Jones" back in its place, restoring boundaries of common sense and common courtesy.  When banks choose to charge fair interest rates instead of what they can take, their consideration will make it easier for families to pay off credit card debt and take care of basic daily needs.  Choose to support those companies that help lift up Main Street, not tear people down. 

Healing medicines restore life dreams while coping medicines decrease the value of human life.  Which one will you be remembered for?  Will you take the hand of those seeking to heal? There are so many people involved in car accidents that could use the help.  How many people do you know still waiting around for an Insurance Company or Self-Insured Employer to pay them?  How can you help car accident victims? How can they help you?
Think of helping each other as a healing salve that brings hope and encouragement instead of pushing one towards medicines that help to cope with the pain, but not heal it.  
Never give up or given in to what you are facing today.  If necessary take it one moment, one day, or one week at a time. Unpaid insurance settlements hurt policyholders, so do unpaid employee benefits.  Ask Congress to put an end to this, and discover reasons for Insurance or Employer determinations against Policyholders. Make facing lives struggles work for you.  

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