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Travel Planning with Injury or Disability

Vacations should be a time of renewal and relief.  Travel Plans helps make this come true.


Seattle (ESTRA) - Traveling while injured or disabled is enjoyable when allowing enough time for rest and relaxation.  Expecting a vacation to be all fun with no problems requires a perception change.  In life there is always a combination of both adventure and adjustments to situations.  The important point to remember is unexpected concerns arising and there are solutions.  Many Travel Experts recommend taking an additional 20% of total estimated expenses for unplanned events.  From my recent travel experiences to Las Vegas, NV, I personally would place additional surprises at levels of 30%-35%.  Resort Fees along with additional hotel polices had change.  Therefore be sure whatever your destination to account for items such as tipping service workers who park your car daily or any variable cost where you will be going. 

A lot had changed in the last 25 years since my last trip.  The city was unrecognizable because it had changed so much.  However, one thing which remained the same is the level of professionalism.  Las Vegas, NV USA has always been known for exceptional entertainment and personal service.  This is one city when returning year after and year there would be more to do which has not been seen or done. 

January is a good month to plan a vacation.  First it gives time to explore possible vacation destinations.  Once a decision is made on location, read online reviews of others experiences, the things they liked or disliked, especially comments by those with injuries or disabilities.  Determine what you would like to do there, begin preparing a budget on what it will cost to be there for specific numbers days as guest.  Remember, there is time to plan if taking this vacation at the end of 2015.  

While in Las Vegas, NV, I accidentally found Hotel and Casino South Point. I got confused on directions and ended up driving south instead of north.  Yet, going with the flow on vacation is a great thing.  The food was great and reasonable.  This hotel catered to needs of guest with injury or disability, designing the premises for easy wheelchair access.  Counters were lower and reachable and the atmosphere was one of “you are welcomed here”.

Since, I had not planned travel arrangement in quite some time; I was out of sorts in designing this trip.  Therefore, upon arrival, there were a few gaps in my planning.  Yet, they were all resolved without hindering or interrupting plans.  By the way, if harassers who follow from local location to location, from state to state, or country to country, take pictures and videos of their constant harassment.  However, remember this is a vacation, and do not allow their attempts to reduce enjoyment and deter mission.   This really is your time and their harassment and intimidation tactics is unacceptable.

Never-the-less, select activities, make sure they are compatible with current physical condition, or just a small stretch which is comfortable.  Of course, it is easy to extend oneself further than one should, but be able to attend functions you’ve signed up for, therefore, use caution.  Being injured and on vacation does mean taking care of yourself.  Make sure to add time in for self-care. 

This trip is for revitalization.  Start off with more support in order not to overdue activities, especially if traveling alone.  Travel light, luggage can be a real burden.  Add services to help with any concern.  The key is to take it slow and make it fun. 

Have ideas for others taking a trip while injured or disabled?  Be sure to share your comments below. 


At Scene of a Winter Car Accident

Stay calm through situations. Sounds obvious? Yet, far from easy.

Evaluate general level of injury of self and any passengers to tell Emergency Responders.

If O.K. and able to get out car, check level of injury to people in other car(s).
If everyone is O.K., use Checklist in book Car Accident by ESTRA. It will help check for things you might have forgotten.  Also follow any insurance protocol required at accident scene accident.

Call for appropriate help if needed.

Use you cell phone to take pictures at the scene.  These may be very important at a later date.



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