Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Increase Protections for Insurance Policyholders Benefit Claims

Power and influence of Insurance Companies can place Policyholders in compromising positions. Policyholders require prompt settlements rather than waiting 5–10 years, receiving approximately 33% of claim value, facing delays, denials, harassment and intimidation.
Put an end to tactics leaving many sick and injured clients without safety net promised by Insurers.
In summary:
1) Pay Insurance Claim Benefits within 2 years after filed.
2) National legislation of Insurance Companies providing Policyholders with fair, equitable treatment, and settlements.
3) Legal protections against using fraud intimidation tactics against Policyholders to reduce or eliminate claims.
4) Inform Policyholders of surveillance or other negative actions and reason within 90 days of behaviors.

We need your help to get 100,000 signatures. Please participate by clicking I support increase Protections for Insurance Policyholders and signing. 

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P.S.  Also on change.org.  Harassment is causing it to have formatting problems.  Change.org Petition: Increase Protections for Insurance Policyholder Benefit Claims

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