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How To Be Happy While Dealing with Chronic Pain

A Car Accident Doesn't Mean Life Is Over.  Pick Up The Pieces And Rebuild.

Seattle (ESTRA) - No one enjoys living with chronic pain.  Life is more than enduring the pain and suffering of this condition.  Of course, injury cannot and should not be ignored.  Finding out the cause is very important, by all means do so.  Yet, it should not consume your life.  There must be a place for other things which make getting out of bed each day worth both the time and energy it requires.  Focusing on current or future goals and dreams to come may provide a mission.  Everyone holds a dream in their hearts.  A heart does need hope.  A hope that withstands personal injury or disability.  A car accident can be life changing.  Sometimes goals and objectives come out of tragic situations, others are new, or some are a blast from the past.  Wherever they come from, whether resurrected or newly birth, let it lift up each day and be an encouragement to make life better.  If it takes only 10 minutes, an hour of your time to perform the task with purpose.  A great deal of pleasure can come from self-improvement regardless of the amount of time it takes.  The important objective is to contribute in making this world a better place.  Nothing is too small.  Many people have been surprised how doing a little of something each day, can turn into something significant over time.  The key is recognizing this is part of your personal journey. By looking within, motivation will occur naturally.  This also helps build or keep endurance.  Pain and suffering pull both physically and emotionally on strength.  Doing activities which create joy can help rebuild energy levels.

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Being happy while dealing with chronic pain means realizing that other aspects of life are also important and may bring a balance that pain and suffering cannot take away.  An appreciation grows by what can be accomplish instead of focusing upon what cannot be done right now, or in the future.  The future will take care of itself, if you decide to work on just today.  Chronic pain of just today.  Completing task of just today. Building a dream which encourages you to get up tomorrow.  Simple?  It’s likely to be a struggle, some days more, some days less. 

What can you appreciate today?  Think on these things and allow them to bring a renewed happiness in life. You don’t necessarily need a lot.  Start where you are right now.  Open up your heart.  Let dreams be restored for flow out.  In these moments give yourself a chance just to be with yourself and recognize where you are right now, and realize you are more than just your pain. 
You can move forward regardless of obstacles.

Need more encouragement?  Listen to the ESTRA Radio down below.  There are over 100 archive shows to help.  The journey of learning how to cope with chronic pain is an adventure all in itself.  Happiness cannot be stopped by suffering.  Joy of accomplishments, the fun of completing a dream, there are many ways happiness is obtained.  The key is to be willing to search and find what restores happiness for you, in spite of pain. Also available are ESTRATV, book, and calendar for support.

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